Thanks For A Successful 2018-19 Season!!

Hi y’all, the 2018-19 OSAA year was a crazy one, one filled with memorable games, plays, moments, and photos. Although I’ve only been active since late January, I’ve learned a lot from covering the winter and spring seasons. I learned from coaches, players, readers, and fellow journalists this year, and while some of those lessons will just simply be noted, others are being implemented.

One of the reasons I started this site was to bring more attention and media coverage to student-athletes and programs, something I feel is neglected by traditional media who cover local teams. After doing some math, I found that my website covered over 50 schools from the time I launched in mid-January to the end of the spring sports season. The most common teams I covered were McNary, Sprague, West Salem, West Linn, Lake Oswego, and Tigard, with most of these teams gaining the most coverage during the spring sports season.

For 2019-20, my top objective is to expand my coverage more consistently among the Salem-Keizer, Portland Metro, and the Albany/Eugene region. I also want to do occasional spontaneous trips outside the valley, with the most likely destination being the Oregon Coast. I hope I can hit 120 covered schools in an entire school year, a task that seems more challenging than it might actually be. I also plan on expanding coaching contacts ten fold, something I’m already accomplishing this summer, with the goal of giving coaches, athletes, and parents more direct access to articles, photo galleries, etc.

As you’ve already noticed, I changed my website layout and switched host servers, something that has effectively erased all of my data. I changed my host server so that I have more flexibility with posts, media, and other critical aspects of my site. However, the photos and social media posts will remain active, giving some reflection of the 2018-19 year and the moments that were captured in real-time.

This summer I am toning down my workload, but I’ll still be around at different tournaments, scrimmages, and games throughout the week. In the meantime, I’m doing some changes to the website layout, so forgive me for a chaotic website front over the next two months or so. Finally, thank you for a successful 2018-19 season, and for the support that I’ve received from several areas of the state! I’m looking forward to fall sports rolling around and getting back in the grind!

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