#11 Crescent Valley Is Where It Wants To Be Heading Into Week 1 Against North Salem

Corvallis — With the first regular season practice under their belts in Corvallis, #11 Crescent Valley is where it wants to be under first year Head Coach Mike Connor. Coach Connor says that despite a new offense, new defense, new schemes, and just a bunch of new across the board, the experienced Raiders are where they need to be at heading into their matchup with the North Salem Vikings on Friday. Coach Connor took some time after practice Monday to discuss the experienced Raiders entering Friday with Oregon’s Elite.

Gameplan For North Salem

“We aren’t going to stray too far from what we usually do, we have some minor adjustments defensively to put us in some better matchups which will help us against that Wing-T Power Run game, but we are going to stick to what we know and adjust a little bit to combat some of the things they do and hopefully it makes it a bit simpler for us if we don’t have to do a wholesale change and stick to what we know. I’ve had some experience facing the Wing-T and North Salem before so I have a pretty good idea how we can be successful.”

Being Ranked #11 In The Preseason Poll

“I don’t get too caught up in the rankings, we’ll just play it week to week and see where we fit. I think we have potential to compete with some of those guys in the top ten. To say where we’re at ranking wise isn’t fair to anybody, we’ll see week to week and go from there. Our conference is a grind and there are three in the top ten, so we’ll have a gauge where we stand in the poll but I don’t get too involved in that. The goal is to make it to the playoffs and it doesn’t matter whether you’re ranked 1 or 16, you have a crack at it. We’ll put ourselves in position to be in the playoffs at the end of the season and see what happens.”

The Overall State Of The Team

“We have a lot of returners that have a lot of game experience, I think we have 24 or 25 seniors this year, so there is a lot of game experience there. Some guys are in some new positions and they are having to learn with the new staff, with me and my brother’s new offensive scheme in particular. Its had to shuffle some people around so they have to learn some new positions, getting them caught up to speed. I think at this point everyone has embraced that, and we’re getting to where we want to be but we aren’t there yet. Some people are in some new spots and its a bit of a learning curve, but its coming along to where I would expect us to be Week 1, and hopefully the next 13 or 14 weeks we keep getting better. I think at this point though we have a lot of game experience, a lot of people in positions they have played under the lights before and know what to expect on a Friday Night. Every team poses a different challenge, its about being adaptable, and I think at this point we’re where we want to be at.”

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