You Get A Goal, I Get A Goal, We All Get Goals: Lakeridge Puts On A Saturday Scoring Clinic Against Bend

Lake Oswego — Sometimes everything just goes your way, and other times it just all goes wrong, and thats a simple summary of how this game went on Saturday afternoon at Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego. For Lakeridge, its a huge confidence booster re-entering TRL play, while its just a longer trip back for the Lava Bears.

Lakeridge’s Hot Offensive Start

Lakeridge seized control of this one from the get go, scoring in the eight minute on a shot by Trevor Pederson, quickly making it 1-0 Pacers in the early going. A few minutes later, Gavin Abbott made it 2-0 after drilling his shot past the goalkeeper, and George Kohnstamm made it 3-0 in the 19th minute with Lakeridge in full control of the game on both sides of it while Bend was struggling with defensive placement.

1st Half Is The Warm Up, 2nd Half Is The Rout

Lakeridge would fire many more shots at Bend, but would fail to score again in the first half, but the Pacers still lead 3-0 from the trio of Pederson, Abbott, and Kohnstamm. The scoring would just be getting started for Lakeridge as they entered the second half. Gavin Abbott and George Kohnstamm picked up braces in the 45th and 46th minutes, turning it into a 5-0 Pacers stronghold.

In the 59th minute after a Bend foul forced a penalty kick, Elias Stofle was denied his first attempt but turned around and put the rebound back into the net, extending the rout to 6-0 Pacers. Liam Yaker scored two minutes later in the 61st minute, making it 7-0 Lakeridge in command over Bend. William Flannigan scored and made it 8-0, and Lakeridge would tack on one last goal to finish with a 9-0 rout of the Bend Lava Bears at home.

The Two Braces And A Stofle Chat About It All

After the surprise blowout victory, Lakeridge’s Elias Stofle, George Kohnstamm, and Gavin Abbott chatted it up with me about the Pacers victory and what it means moving ahead. Stofle on the offensive clinic, “We started off a little slow in the first half, obviously the second half had more flow and function. What helped us is that we were more mixing with playing long balls, playing the middle, and our passes. We just had a better overall complexity in the second half.”

Kohnstamm on the defensive shutout, “Pressuring in their half, making sure that the ball is always in their half, and not letting them get past our half as much as possible really kept them with their backs to the wall. Our defense did a good job moving the ball in one or two touches instead of holding on to it for too long and it was great.”

Abbott on seizing the momentum and preparing as they re-enter conference play, “We had been doing a lot of wide work, putting in the crosses, and pressuring from the start of the game. I feel like doing that will help because in two of our league games so far we pressured from the start and we did really well so as long as we continue to do that and play wide, we’ll do fine.”

Who’s Next Up?

Bend (0-6) hosts Liberty on Wednesday, Lakeridge (2-3, 1-3) returns to conference action on Thursday against Lake Oswego with Oregon’s Elite providing coverage of the Battle for the Lake!

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