Team Spotlight: Scio Volleyball Through The Lens Of The Loggers Seniors

Scio — Autumn has suddenly slammed the Willamette Valley, bringing cool temperatures and that fall feeling in the air. Inside Scio High School, its warm from the body heat of the Loggers hard at work in preparation for their match against Dayton, coming five days after their biggest victory of the year against the Amity Warriors. At the entrance, I’m warmly greeted by Head Coach Lori Ramsay, who welcomes me in and makes some small talk before I took the next hour or so to learn about what makes Scio Volleyball what it is, straight from the hearts of the Loggers seniors and Head Coach Ramsay herself. Here is what the players had to share with me about Scio Volleyball:

Embracing First Year Coach Lori Ramsay

Its been tumultuous the last three years for the Scio program, as the Loggers have had three coaches in the past three seasons, starting with the final year Kate Trimble’s two year tenure, who is now in her second season at Silverton. Last year, the Loggers were led by Cheyanna Summers, who quickly departed after a lone season at Scio, setting up the opportunity for Lori Ramsay to take the reins at Scio. Here are the things Scio seniors Raelyn Martinelli, Apen Schudel, and Makayla Waller had to say about the transition to their new coach:

Makayla Waller – “Coming over from Cascade, it is way better here. I feel more comfortable, more at home, and I just feel better. Lori is way more supportive, someone I can rely on. I can talk to her about anything, and I know that she’s the coach, but its way deeper for me and that’s something I never had at Cascade.”

Raelyn Martinelli – “This is my first year here (transfer from Dallas), so I haven’t been through the coaches they’ve had here, but Lori is a new coach for me and I love her. Its been an amazing transition, I love Lori so much! It wasn’t hard at all, I love that she cares so much and wants us to be the best that we can, and she treats us all equally I just love it!”

Apen Schudel – “My sophomore year was one of the best years I’ve had, I really loved the coach (Kate Trimble) but then she left and that was okay. Last year was interesting to say the least, I love our coach (Cheyanna Summers), but I felt we had a lot of skill and never reached our full potential as a team. I feel that this year is the best year out of my four years of high school, because we have a coach that loves the game, knows what she’s doing, and she has all this passion that I love in a coach.”

The Trio Talk About A Roller Coaster Senior Season So Far

To many, Scio has surprised on the 3A scene, going from a borderline playoff team to a serious threat to the top teams in the classification. Granted, while the Loggers still need to take on their toughest conference opponent the Salem Academy Crusaders, their victory over Amity shows flashes of potential and strength to the rest of the state. On the same token, their shocking loss to Blanchet Catholic shows a team that needs firm consistency to take down the top dogs that 3A has to offer. The Three Musketeers talked about their senior years to this point, and what they think about it so far:

Apen Schudel – “Its been a solid year for the team outside of the loss to Blanchet, which I feel is the biggest disappointment of the season so far, but the way I look at it is that I have growing teammates and it was a growing point in the season for us as a team. We needed to work on everything pretty much, but we get to forget about it and start with a clean slate. That Amity game was the best game I’ve ever had, everyone was in it, our student section was amazing, and everyone just wanted it more than ever as a team.”

Raelyn Martinelli – “My senior year has been my absolute favorite year of volleyball ever because of the team and Lori, but when we’re down its really hard for us to get back up. When were up, were virtually unstoppable and could beat the number one team in league if we play against them like we did against Amity. When we play like we did against Blanchet, we could lose another game, so it ultimately comes down to our mindset on that day and during that game. We can either be really good or not good depending on the day.”

Makayla Waller – “The team is growing really well together, and it really kind of depends on what team is going to show up when were playing. If its a really good team and we show up ready to play its going to be a good game, but if we play like we don’t know what were doing, then that’s a whole different story. We all get along really well as a team, we act like a family, we talk about everything and anything with each other, just what an environment to be in.”

Scio’s Future With Lori Ramsay At The Helm

With the lack of stability at the top of the Scio program, it would be normal for parents, fans, alumni, and students to be concerned about the future of the program. As for players, this goes much deeper, as it directly affects their every day lives as student-athletes. Given that all three players have had their fair share of instability in their careers, even if it hasn’t all been at Scio, so I asked for their insight on what they think the future looks like for the Loggers with a coach firmly installed for the future.

Raelyn Martinelli – “If Lori is coaching this team, they will go so far, she will shape them. The juniors that will be seniors next year, they’re going to be really good, and we have some freshmen on the JV team that are going to be really good once Lori starts coaching them next year. Its going to get better and better each year that Lori coaches.”

Makayla Waller – “With Lori heading this program, its going to go big places. This year with this team, we’ve been at so many crazy places that I wish I would’ve been here all four years. Anyone coming into this program with Lori is going to be extremely successful.”

Apen Schudel – “With Lori at the helm, the sky is the limit. You could give her an all freshman team and she would make and grow something from it. I’m excited to see the future here in Scio.”

From Scio To 3A: The Messages Of The Loggers Seniors

With Scio primed to make a serious dark horse contention in 3A, I afforded the opportunity to the seniors I talked with to send their own personal message to the rest of 3A after their huge win over Amity:

Apen Schudel – “Know that we will always put up a fight, and we do produce more than just great wrestlers. All of Scio has great people, we support each other, and no matter what we’ll always be there for each other. Never take our team lightly.”

Makayla Waller – “We’re really good, we shouldn’t go under estimated. The more people that under estimate us, the more we’ll surprise with what this team is capable of. Stay tuned, big things are coming.”

Raelyn Martinelli – “When were on, were on, so watch out!”