Crosshill Christian Beats Country Christian For The First Time In At Least Six Years, Improve Their 1A Playoff Positioning

Turner — Crosshill and Country Christian entered Thursday night with a chance to improve their positioning for the 1A Playoffs, a goal that both teams are well within striking distance of as we approach the final stretches of the season. For Crosshill, they’ve been knocked out of state by Country twice in the last five years, fueling a hungry mindset in the process.

While I Was On My Way There

This one got started prior to my arrival, as the Cougars and Eagles got through the first two sets before I got to Turner from East Linn Christian in Lebanon. In set one, Crosshill took it 25-20 while Country answered with a tight 25-23 second set victory.

Crosshill Christian Finds A Path To Victory In Sets Three and Four

In the third set, the Eagles found their rhythm and broke out to a 17-10 lead. After making it 20-12, the Cougars closed the set with some momentum, battling Crosshill all the way to the Eagles 25-17 set victory. This late set momentum set into motion a very competitive fourth set of action.

Crosshill Christian held early leads of 4-2 and 7-4, but Country Christian kept putting the pressure on them, not letting the Eagles find any large gap to work with as they battled to 9-8, 12-10, 14-13, and 19-17 scores. However, the Eagles would finally make a run to the win, jumping out to a 24-17 lead that was eventually cut to a 25-20 fourth set win and the match victory for the Eagles. With the victory, the Eagles are now up to #6 in the 1A rankings.

Talking With The Crosshill Senior Leaders

Not being familiar with Crosshill Christian, I was unsure on who to interview, but Head Coach Julie Bennett gladly took the chance to direct me to her two senior captains Grace Treadwell and Meghan Bartel, giving them an opportunity to speak on behalf of their teammates.

Treadwell on the match victory, “We felt pretty confident going in, we knew this team was pretty good. We wanted to be alive, we wanted to shine, and we wanted to play for God and have fun!

Bartel on finally beating Country Christian, “They’re our sisters in Christ, so its really fun to come out and play them. We haven’t beat them in forever so its really exciting and a huge moment for our team. We came together and had unity as a team.”

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