Back To Back: Cornered Crescent Valley Wins Two Straight Titles With A PK Victory Over Wilsonville

Hillsboro — Crescent Valley found themselves in a very unusual situation in Saturday’s state championship: Being cornered and outplayed in every faucet of the game. Wilsonville entered Saturday the underdogs, but they sent a forceful message by controlling the entire state championship, up until the time when they could no longer control their opponent….penalty kicks. This ended up being the opening the Raiders needed, and they took full advantage of the opportunity to win two straight championships.

Just as mentioned above, Wilsonville came out in control from the start of this match, firing a few shots at Peyton Dale, the star goalkeeper for Crescent Valley. The Wildcats progressively slowed down in the first half, due to the strong pressure of a talented Raiders defense and midfield, but Wilsonville still managed to get five shots on goal in the first half. As for Crescent Valley, they recorded one shot on goal but struggled to muster any type of serious offensive threat in the first half.

Wilsonville continued to play their game of offensive control, but Crescent Valley kept rejecting them at every opportunity, agitating a motivated Wilsonville squad. As the game fell into the last 20 minutes of regulation, the opportunities became more dangerous and had a couple almost come down for the Wildcats, but Crescent Valley shut them out and forced overtime despite being outshot 16-1 in regulation.

The two overtime periods produced no offense, just more defensive dominance by Wilsonville, who pressured the Raiders but Crescent Valley held them off to get the match to penalty kicks, which is where the tide finally turned for good. The teams traded penalty kicks in the first round, but the Wildcats missed their second attempt on a shot that bounced between the ground and crossbar but never crossed the line.

Crescent Valley scored to make it 2-1 in PK’s, but Wilsonville would get their third attempt to knot it up 2-2 while Kendall Taylor stuffed the Raiders attempt to keep it tied. The Wildcats completely missed their fourth attempt, allowing Crescent Valley to take the lead again 3-2 before the Wildcats tied it at three, setting up a chance for the victory for Crescent’s Anna McClave. McClave drilled her attempt for the goal and state championship, handing the Raiders a 1-0 victory (4-3 in PK’s) to win their second straight state title.

Anna McClave’s State Championship Winning PK
Credit: Oregon’s Elite

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