DYNASTY: Woodburn Boys Mark Their Fourth Straight State Championship With Revenge Against Stayton

Hillsboro — It doesn’t matter whether you won or lost in the regular season, all that matters is how you finish in the playoffs. Woodburn came into Saturday 0-2 against conference foe Stayton, with the Eagles finding victories against the Bulldogs in the regular season, but as Woodburn proved it doesn’t matter how the season went when you win the whole thing. Not only was it revenge, it officially established the Bulldogs dynasty.

Rodolfo Campuzano‘s State Championship Goal
Credit: Oregon’s Elite

Coming off their female counterparts first state championship, the Woodburn boys came out with energy and momentum from the start, taking the game pace and controlling it early against Stayton. While the Eagles tried to recover from a slow start, Woodburn fired like a machine gun into the Eagles zone, forcing Stayton to make defensive plays to avoid an early setback. After they settled down, the game became much more competitive, but Woodburn still controlled the game offensively by a small margin. About midway through the first half, Rodolfo Campuzano got loose for a prime scoring opportunity, burning the Stayton goalkeeper and putting Woodburn ahead 1-0 in the first half and the Bulldogs lead 1-0 at the half.

The second half was much more even, with neither team getting any prime opportunities until later in the match, as Stayton had a couple of shots at a goal but were stopped by a stiff Woodburn defense and goalkeeper. As time winded down, Stayton became more urgent but were also more disorganized, with the Bulldogs seeing through any potential opportunities and breaking them up before they formed. In the end, stiff defense and a scoring opportunity won Woodburn their fourth straight state championship, solidifying their status as a soccer dynasty within the 4A ranks.

With a fourth championship in a row and seven in the last decade, Woodburn Head Coach Leroy Sanchez and Isaac Pureco talked about the win and putting a cap on the season with a title.

Head Coach Sanchez on creating a dynasty in Woodburn, “Yeah a dynasty, that’s what you may as well call it at this point. We’ve created a dynasty here, those first three in 2011, 2012, and 2013 were huge, and then with ones in 2016, 2017, 2018, and now 2019. We’ve developed a program of success, a lot of them play club soccer with each other, and they are always just plugged in they love this game.”

Isacc Pureco on bringing home another state championship to the Woodburn community, “As a player I work my butt off trying to get better every week and improve. We’ve been doubted by so many people because we lost a lot of players and we weren’t supposed to do as well, but we are united, we train as a team, and win as a team. This logo on our shirt means everything to us.”

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