Even After A Shakeup, South Salem Has Confidence Another Chiles Center Appearance Is In Their Future

Salem — Watching the South Salem Boys Basketball team during their Red and White Night on Friday seemed like watching two Harlem Globetrotters teams, it was a scrimmage full of laughs, showing off, fancy plays, and just a fun atmosphere for the whole crowd to enjoy. This edition of South Salem is a complete makeover from the team that made a state semifinals appearance a year ago, with an influx of transfers and departures shaking up the program, including the new head of the program Travis Brown. With Head Coach Tyler Allen resigning, Skinny on his way at Portland State, and three impactful transfers in Nick Zero (Ohio), Cole Hardy (Salem Academy), and Kieran Pruitt (West Salem), the Saxons are looking interesting heading into this year. New Head Coach Travis Brown talked about the team and what to expect in 2019-20 from the Saxons….

Initial Team Assessment: “I feel really good, we’ve got a lot of guys in, we got a lot of our offense in place in June so that was really fortunate, and we’ve got a lot of really good athletes. We got up and down the floor pretty well, and we’ve got a lot of guys coming in and thinking about the team and its really great. We’ve got a retreat coming up to Seaside, an opportunity to really know each other personally, bond together, and develop that brotherhood.”

Keys To Another Chiles Center Appearance: “Discipline. The offense will get there but we’ve got to understand what is a right shot and just have that mental toughness and discipline. We had a great group of guys last year, they were great leaders, and its nice to have Trey Galbraith, he’ll definitely be a leader and show the Saxon way.”

Coach Brown’s Go To Players: “We’ve got a lot of them, and first and foremost is Trey Galbraith. He is going to be our leader and its really up in the air after that, we’ve got a lot of athletes that can make plays. We’re really close as a team and as a brotherhood.”

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