North Salem Recovers From McKay, Defeats Undefeated Sprague 44-36

Photo: Eric Watkins

Salem — Coming off their first loss to McKay since 2015, the North Salem Vikings entered Tuesday looking for a bounce back victory over a Sprague team that has surprised with a 2-0 start after going winless last season. Unlike Friday, North Salem was efficient on offense and did just enough defensively to knock off the undefeated Olys on the road.

After some back and forth action to get started, Alyssa Meza drilled a trey to give Sprague a 7-6 lead midway through the first quarter. North Salem responded with a 5-0 run to retake the lead 11-7 and led 11-8 after a quarter of play. The Olys closed back in early in the second, as Baylee Butler and Abby Haas combined for a 5-0 run to tie it at 13 apiece. Three possessions later, a Sydney Goergen bucket put the Olys back in front 16-15 late in the first half.

Photo: Eric Watkins

Just like the first quarter, North Salem responded with a 6-0 run featuring Raena Hurtado and Lhaya Powers to retake the advantage 21-16 and led 25-17 at the half over Sprague. Powers had 14 points to lead the Vikings at the half, Haas had seven points for the Olys.

Sprague closed back within 26-22 early in the third with Butler and Haas, and made it 28-26 late in the third. However, a 5-0 Vikings run to extend it back out to 31-22 after three quarters. In the fourth, North Salem ripped off a 10-2 run midway through the fourth to break away and defeated Sprague 44-36 to improve to 2-1 on the year, dropping the Olys to 2-1 after their strong 2-0 start.

Photo: Eric Watkins

Recovering from their blowout loss on Friday, North Salem Head Coach Veronica Salisbury talked about her team’s recovery victory.

Coach Salisbury on the Friday and Tuesday differences: “The difference today is that we were locked in and focused. Against McKay, we definitely were not playing our game, and when you look at the stats we did everything we could to lose that game. When you shoot less than ten percent, your going to lose.”

Coach Salisbury on preparation for Sprague: “We didn’t change anything up, we just stuck to what our plan has been all season. We’re teaching the girls man to man principles and defensive sets, teaching them how to play the game of basketball instead of any set plays or anything like that. We haven’t deviated from our original plan.”

North Salem (2-1) hosts Thurston at Sprague on Friday, Sprague (2-1) faces Sunset at the Newberg Tournament on Friday

Photo: Eric Watkins

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