Aloha Breezes Past Sprague 59-42, Split The Newberg Tournament

Photo: Eric Watkins

Newberg — Sprague and Aloha entered Saturday’s matchup both needing a victory, with Sprague dropping two in a row after starting the season 2-0, and Aloha also riding a two game losing streak going into the contest. Sprague opened up the Newberg Tournament with a tight 46-37 loss to Sunset, and Aloha got blown out 58-32 by host Newberg.

Turnovers plagued the Olys from the start of the game, as Aloha quickly jumped to a 6-0 lead with four free throws and an Alexandra Porpora bucket. Macie Johnson broke the run with a bucket for Sprague, but the Warriors would take advantage of undisciplined fouling and turnovers, closing out the quarter on a 10-0 run to lead 16-2 after one quarter against Sprague. Entering the second, Aloha continued their run, extending it to a 14-0 scoreless streak for the Olys and leading 20-2 before Bailey Butler finally found the net to end the run.

Photo: Eric Watkins

Down the stretch of the first half, Sprague struggled to string together consecutive baskets, but picked up some much needed momentum on an Abby Haas three point play and Butler’s back to back baskets to close out the half, but the Olys still had a tall order as they trailed 35-13 at the half. Alexandra Porpora led all scorers with 14 points at the half, Aldi Boskovic contributed ten points for Aloha. For Sprague, Bailey Butler led the way with six points.

Sprague opened up the third quarter on a much better note, with Alyssa Meza drilling a trey to open up the second half. After an Aloha free throw, Haas went on a 4-0 run with a free throw and a three pointer, and the Olys crawled back within 36-20. However, Aloha responded with a 5-0 run and extended the lead past 20 once again. The Olys did better offensively, but the Warriors still led 48-32 after three quarters.

Photo: Eric Watkins

The fourth quarter was fairly low scoring, as the Warriors drained the clock but both teams kept fighting hard, and Aloha eventually came out victorious 59-42 over Sprague. Baylee Butler, Abby Haas, and Alyssa Meza had 10, 10, and 9 points respectively for the Olys, while Aldi Boskovic and Alexandra Porpora had 18 points each for Aloha.

With their second win secured, Aloha’s Aldi Boskovic and Alexandra Porpora talked about the victory and the team moving forward.

Alexandra Porpora on being competitive in the Metro League, “We have to keep confidence. We’re so used to losing and we have to keep that out of our head. Last year we were 2-2 and this year we’re 2-2, so its only up to us from here.”

Aldi Boskovic on the team mood, “Everyone is super pumped up right now, I mean no one expected us to pick up this good of a win, and everyone is cherishing it instead of taking it for granted.”

Aloha (2-3) hosts Sandy on Tuesday, Sprague (2-3) visits Wilson on Tuesday.

Photo: Eric Watkins

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