Crusader Consistency Leads Them Past Stayton At The Stayton Invitational

Photo: Eric Watkins

Stayton — The Crusaders entered Saturday’s meet against Stayton, Sweet Home, Philomath, and Cascade looking for a solid meet and a potential victory. Although they only won two events total on the day, their consistency within each meet and just enough diversity at the winners spot gave them enough to overcome Stayton and take Saturday’s meet.

Stayton opened the meet with back to back wins in the 200 Meter Medley Relay and the 200 Meter Freestyle, with the Salem Academy coming runner-up in both events. Sweet Home’s Hunter Claderwood took the 200 Meter IM and Cascade’s Cole Mason won the 50 Meter Freestyle, but the Crusaders had swimmers finish second, third, fifth, sixth, and seventh in the 50 Meter Freestyle. Stayton’s Josh Ptack won the 100 Meter Butterfly.

In the second half of the event, Mason won the 100 Meter Freestyle and Stayton’s Tanner Fixsen won the 400 Meter Freestyle. The Salem Academy finally broke through in the meet, winning the 200 Meter Freestyle Relay, and Austyn Shelton won the 100 Meter Backstroke. Stayton’s Grant Vogel won the 100 Meter Backstroke, and Stayton also won the 400 Meter Freestyle Relay. However the Salem Academy, powered by consistent finishing throughout the meet, overcame Stayton’s strong performance to take it from the Eagles with a score of 134 to Stayton’s 115. Sweet Home finished third with 85 points.

Photo: Eric Watkins

After the meet victory, Salem Academy JV Coach Wyatt Shaffey discussed the Salem Academy’s biggest anchors and the biggest contributors for their success so far.

Coach Shaffey on their biggest success contributors, “I think a big one is our practices, that’s like our main focus is with practice where everything happens, and right now its winter break so its doubles with a varsity lap in the morning and JV practice in the evening, and we’ll start to see those results in these kind of meets.”

Coach Shaffey on their key swimmers, “They will vary since there are three different relays, but I think Austyn (Shelton) would be in that category, and I think TJ is definitely another although he wasn’t here today. Those two are definitely are biggest anchors probably.”

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