Gervais Is Victorious For The First Time Since 2018 With A 2-0 Dub Over #8 Blanchet Catholic

Gervais — In an early candidate for the chain breaking moment of the fall season, the Gervais Cougars defeated #8 Blanchet Catholic 2-0 to win their first match since a 1-0 win over Amity on October 10th, 2018. For everyone on the roster, it was the first time they were able to do a victory jog from the sideline back to their parents, and it was their first taste of success as a program in a long time. Needless to say, Monday was a day of firsts for a program that has struggled significantly in recent times.

In the opening half, Captain Sofia Contreras and Valeria Montiel netted goals for the Cougars, getting them ahead 2-0 on the Cavaliers and giving Gervais their first goals against Blanchet Catholic since the 2017 season. Game wise, Gervais controlled the pace and dominated the first half possession to take control 2-0. In the second half, Blanchet Catholic came out more aggressive than they were in the first half, taking a few decent cracks at the net but nothing sufficed in terms of scoring. Gervais eventually picked up the pace and retook control of the game, keeping the Cavs at bay and completing the clean sheet win 2-0 for their first win since 2018.

This game sticks as a huge upset of a ranked team for the Cougars program, who might be potentially more talented this season than in years past, which can show in the way of more wins during the rest of the season. At a minimum, its a boost of confidence to the program and a demonstration that they are capable of winning against league opponents. For Blanchet Catholic, its a hard crater back to reality as the offense sputtered all the day long and the defense gave up enough chances for Gervais to take advantage.

Even if the season doesn’t prove to be successful beyond Monday, its a moment that these athletes will likely never forget for the rest of their high school careers, delivering the first win for a program in over three years and doing it against a ranked league opponent. They have much to be proud of after this win, and they’re capable of whatever they put their minds to. Sometimes it doesn’t have to do with how much more talented you are than an opponent, it sometimes comes down to how much hard work, determination, and passion that you have for accomplishing something so significant for your school and community.

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