Loaded Loggers: #5 Scio Is Locked And Primed For A 3A Playoff Run

Scio — Its currently year four of the Lori Ramsay era in Scio, the woman who has turned around the Loggers and developed this team from their club days until where they are now, truly the definition of a small town program. However, it ultimately comes down to the girls on the floor and how they perform from one night to the next, and Scio has their best team in Coach Ramsay’s tenure. A team that is so good, full of chemistry, and competitive that they’re on course to be a threat in the race for the 3A State Championship this fall.

The fabric of this team is woven into their seniors Makenna Ramsay, Olivia Bettey, and Tyra LeFeber. Ramsay and Bettey form a special outside hitting combo, keeping the opposition on their toes and requiring them to take a guess at who will get the call on any given possession. With their combined volleyball IQ and ability to finish off plays, they’re the biggest hitting threats that the Loggers have. LeFeber serves as a defensive specialist with a range of different abilities, but primarily specializes in putting up a wall for opposing hitters and blocking their kill attempts. Through these three, the Loggers have their leadership for every possession and gameday. Kadence Soto is the rock for ball distribution, sending the ball flying to its appropriate destination and keeping the offense flowing smooth as butter. Soto can also make plays when given the opportunity, but look for the ball to always touch her hands before getting to her studded teammates for a big play.

Carrie Jones has emerged as more than just her middle blocking job description, but for her instinctive two way play that sees her making quick reaction plays to bag points for the Loggers. Additionally, she is capable of being a back door option for Soto to go to when the opponent might have Makenna Ramsay and Bettey locked down. That type of gameplay is simply irreplaceable, as its those types of instincts and intangibles that become the x-factor in a clutch moment. Sophomore Addison Wessels is the floor general at libero, running around the floor and instinctively finding the ball off an attack, doing it so effectively and smooth that she should wear a five star general patch on her jersey. Freshman Taryn Ramsay has been finding her footing at the high school level this season, and has had much success in her opening season with the Loggers. Listed as a setter, she is emerging as a potential consistent outside threat down the road at Scio, contributing with big plays and being an under the radar athlete in an opposing scouting report on the Loggers.

Sitting in a class that has top heavy opponents in Catlin Gabel, Burns, Santiam Christian, and Horizon Christian, the Loggers sit in good company being at #5 in Class 3A with a 6-2 record overall. With their only losses to 2A #1 Salem Academy and 3A #3 Santiam Christian, its adequately prepared Scio to take the PacWest Conference and wrestle with Amity and Yamhill-Carlton in league play. If they continue to play at a high level and take their chemistry, confidence, and talent to the next step in the process, Scio will certainly be there at the state championships this season with the other 3A powers in 2021.

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