Mohawk Owns The Mountain West League After A Sweep Of Eddyville Charter

Eddyville — Going from the intensity of Wilsonville on Wednesday, I found myself in the quiet woods of Eddyville on Thursday, where the 1A Mountain West had a pairing of the two best teams in the league: The Mohawk Mustangs and Eddyville Charter Eagles. Mohawk entered with a 2.5 game lead over Eddyville, with a dub on Thursday evening more or less clinching the conference with no one else able to make up the deficit in such a short amount of time. With this on the docket, the Mustangs made sure to take care of business and they certainly did do just that.

The first set was back and forth early, with both teams finding themselves tied 10-10 early. Mohawk would get momentum, going on a 5-1 run to take a 15-11 lead. After Eddyville pushed it to 19-15, Mohawk went on a 6-0 tear to close out the Eagles 25-15 in the opening set. The momentum carried over into the second set, as Mohawk ran off like a cheetah to leads of 5-1, 10-2, and 17-4. The Eagles would find some momentum late, going on an 11-5 run to make it 22-15, but Mohawk closed them out with another 25-15 set win to take a 2-0 lead.

In the final set, Mohawk opened up with a 10-5 lead, with Eddyville hanging around within 4-5 points until the Mustangs blew open a 19-11 advantage and eventually a 23-12 lead. The Eagles refused to go down without a fight, pushing the lead down to just 23-18 and forcing the Mustangs to call timeout. However, it did the trick with the Mustangs obtaining a 3-0 sweep with 25-15, 25-15, 25-19 set scores. With the dub, Mohawk has a 3.5 game lead over Eddyville in the Mountain West League and the season sweep, all but securing their conference title for this season.

Game Takeaways

Mohawk: The Mustangs have size that is abnormally seen at the 1A level, boasting some sizable middles with Kallee Eck and Alexis Robinson, both of whom put on nice performances in Eddyville. Abri Roberts displayed nice instincts on both ends, while libero Natalie VandePloeg had some nice digs and was helpful with firing up the engine offensively. If they can clean up their game and find consistency, Mohawk might surprise some in the 1A playoffs, especially with everyone chasing St. Paul and North Clackamas Christian.

Eddyville Charter: They were outsized and out talented by the Mustangs, who put their size and skill to their advantage against the Eagles. Eddyville is a scrappy team, one that has to fight for every point due to their disadvantages, and it exerts so much of their energy from one set to the next. They showed small bits of potential, but not enough to put them in contention for the 1A state playoffs at this point. If they can keep improving and tweaking their game, they might be able to make a run for it but not right now.

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