State Cheer Squads Kick Off Their First Major Event Of The Season At Sherwood

Sherwood — Competitive cheer season is back in-person for the first time in over 600 days, kicking off on Saturday with the OCCA Game Day Championships at Sherwood High School. This competition focused on squads game day routines, grading on their abilities when it comes to routines during a fight song or band performance, different game situations such as a football team playing on offense or defense, and leading a crowd with their techniques. Every category is graded to 45 points, with a possible 135 points at its maximum level.

Here are the first winners of the 2021 high school cheer season by division:

1A/2A/3A Varsity – Central Linn Cobras

4A Varsity – Gladstone Gladiators

5A Junior Varsity – Crater Comets

5A Small Varsity – Ridgeview Ravens

5A Large Varsity – The Dalles Riverhawks

6A Junior Varsity – Aloha Warriors

6A Small Varsity – Lake Oswego Lakers

6A Large Varsity – Mountainside Mavericks and Aloha Warriors

The next major competition comes on November 6th for the OCCA All-State Competition at West Albany High School, which will feature individual and stunt group/partner stunt categories!

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