Lincoln And Wells Primed To Dominate PIL Swimming This Winter

Portland — As swim season starts to take full hold, the Portland Interscholastic League looks to be ran by two teams that have simply obliterated the rest of the conference: Lincoln and Ida B. Wells. These two have left any room for others to be considered a league contender in the dust, and there’s still a decent difference between Lincoln and Wells. Nonetheless, PIL districts in February will simply be a two-team shootout barring any circumstances that change that drastically. As of now, both teams hold the best times in the entire conference at every event and have won events even with much slower paces than their fastest times. Like lots of leagues, the PIL primarily only competes with one another from the get-go of the season until districts. This presents the opportunity to see them all at it with one another right away, along with the many different pairings that come with league meets that happen twice a week.

In the relays, Lincoln has this department on full lockdown from its Portland counterparts, averaging around 10+ seconds faster than the Guardians, who currently sit second in the PIL for those events. The Cardinals clock in at 1:54.12 in the 200 Yard Medley, 1:46.29 in the 100 Yard Freestyle, and a 3:50.15 in the 400 Yard Freestyle. In individual events, Wells begins to shine from the rest of the PIL, as the Guardians are led by Andie Wieber, Jullia Iwanow, and Louisa Lungerhausen. Wieber currently leads the PIL in the 100 Yard freestyle and 100 Yard backstroke events, Iwanow is tops in the 200 Yard IM, and Lungerhausen owns the 500 Yard freestyle lead. Lincoln has their own cast of characters in individual events with Mia Saavedra, Katherine Adams, and Charlotte Ducanois. Saavedra has the lead for the 50 Yard freestyle, Ducanois in the 200 Yard freestyle, and Adams leads in two events (100 Yard butterfly and 100 Yard breaststroke). With this type of dual dominance, it is obvious how they are able to roll the conference.

Aside from an opponent sneaking into one or two of the top five spots, the stat sheet is simply nothing but Lincoln and Wells. In a quad meet on December 15th, Lincoln and Wells went at it with Roosevelt and Franklin, the first battle between the teams in the same meet. Although there were no team scores recorded, the final results reflected a Lincoln victory with Wells cleaning up the rest of the cookie crumbs. The Cardinals dominated the relay events, took the top three spots in the 200 Yard freestyle, and took the second, third, fourth place positions in the 100 Yard freestyle behind Cate Coffield from Wells. The individual PIL leaders won every individual event with exception of the 100 Yard freestyle, and no one else won an event other than Wells and Lincoln.

PIL districts will send plenty of Guardians and Cardinals to state, which is a whole other animal to conquer. Whether or not either team is a contender to win state is unclear, as results are hard to come by in swimming. However, its certain that these two will be single handily running PIL swimming for this season and likely the foreseeable future.

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