Following PPS Athletics Reversal, Ashland Mulls Allowing Sports While TTSD Makes A Hard Line Against It

When one hat drops, others typically follow suit. On Tuesday, Portland Public Schools reversed course and decided to allow sports at schools that are forced into virtual learning, a completely different stance than last Friday when they announced that athletics would be postponed at schools in virtual learning from staff shortages. With that announcement, Elite Oregon Girls reached out to the Tigard-Tualatin School District (TTSD) and Ashland School District on Wednesday, inquiring on whether or not they would reverse course on postponing athletics while in virtual learning, with mixed results on the stance of each district.

When choosing which districts to reach out to, I chose the ones with the longest pause periods of January 22nd (TTSD) and January 31st (Ashland), curious to see if they had softened their stance on the postponement of athletics during virtual learning periods. According to TTSD spokeswoman Traci Rose, the district remains firm on postponing athletics during the transition, reiterating that practices and competitions will be postponed until January 22nd at Tigard and Tualatin High School. While Rose didn’t directly answer my inquiry on whether the district is considering reopening sports, it was a hardline response that will bring out disappointment from parents and athletes who had hoped otherwise.

All the way down in Ashland, Superintendent Samuel Bogdanove informed me that the district was in the process of reviewing procedures in terms of athletics shutting down during their long pause period, which is scheduled to end on January 31st. Superintendent Bogdanove reiterated that no official decision to reverse course has been made, but it is an encouraging sign for parents and athletes down in Ashland, as their severe shortage potentially forces a shutdown spanning three weeks and crammed February schedule of makeup games. As districts continue to navigate staffing shortages and rising cases, a huge focus on keeping students in athletics, extracurriculars, and the classroom will remain for the foreseeable future. Elite Oregon Girls will continue to get answers from districts with long-term shutdowns on decisions regarding athletics, advocating for our kids to continue having the ability to socialize and build together through sports even if they cannot be in the classroom.

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