An Open Letter To You The Athletes

As the sole runner that makes this platform run the way it does, accomplishing what I have for you all in a short time has been nothing short of amazing. Combined across all my social media, we are near 9,000 strong and growing every single day. When I took the leap of faith to abandon boys and invest everything I have into you as girls, I was excited and anxious without knowing what would happen. From the start, I absorbed the lashing out from a base of boys and their parents, all of whom felt betrayed and abandoned. However, I knew in my heart that it was the right decision, and all of you have continuously proven me right, reinforcing that I made the right choice without any reasonable doubt.

From Day 1, the fight has been on, and a war has been fully engaged in. I formally declared war on our high school media’s boys bias, on the school districts that treat boys with better experiences than girls, and on the widespread belief that boys sports are better than girls sports. All of these things and more have pushed girls sports further and further out of the spotlight, left them without proper resources or facilities, and have reset their status back compared to the legal progress made in girls sports. The growth of girls sports has been proven time and time again, yet it is ignored and covered over under the guise that boys are just more popular or bring the ratings. I thrust myself into a position to better the future of girls sports, and its a decision I certainly will never regret.

Aside from the war I’m fighting, this platform was made with the purpose of serving YOU the female athlete. I came to the belief that you all deserve your own space, a community that is connected through girls sports, and a place where girls are the ONLY priority, nothing is shared with the boys. Every photo, video, story, message, conversation, etc. that makes this platform what it is was created and done with a passionate heart, a deep work ethic, and a dream that one day girls will be treated the same as boys in sports. Its far from perfect, but the amount of work and progress I have made as a lone wolf in this mission has been nothing short of remarkable. However, it is all done with the purpose of serving you the athlete and setting up girls for a better future.

My message for you the athlete is to keep being you, keep doing your thing, and keep being amazing. I have been touched by so many of you that I’ve had the privilege to meet, y’all are so amazing in the things you have achieved, worked for, or have come back from in your lives. Fully understanding the positive impact that I’ve had on the girls sports community will not come until after I’ve left, but the amount that I do know has brought me humility and true purpose in life. I’ve reached every corner of the state, and even touched athletes that I’ve never had the privilege to cover. We are full steam ahead on this train and I’m 1,000,000% committed to making progress and serving you as athletes and strong young women. Together and now, we will make Oregon HS sports a better, more progressive place for girls in the future! Until next time, stay awesome and keep believing in yourselves, I certainly believe in you! See you soon!

Lots Of Love, Support, And Commitment,



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