McKay, St. Helens, La Grande, And Thurston Take Wrestling District Titles, Field Locks In For Culver

The dust has settled, and we have the field that will go for the blue trophies in Culver on February 24th. Districts were held on Saturday in Albany, Cottage Grove, Hillsboro, and Redmond, bringing the best in Oregon to fight out for those elusive three spots that will advance on to state in Culver.

Special District 1 (Hillsboro)

The St. Helens Lions took the Special District 1 title with 183 points, defeating Hillsboro (164.5) and Forest Grove (149). Below are the state qualifiers from each weight class:

100: Nina Deleon (Hillsboro), Dezire Solis (McDaniel), Grace Thoma (Warrenton)

105: Yamilet Claudio Marquez (Glencoe), Kate Leonard (St. Helens), Izselle Mercado (Glencoe)

110: Ashley Wilis (St. Helens), Natalie De Leon (Hillsboro), Serinity Moody (Banks)

115: Courtney Hall (Scappoose), Samantha Shipley (Century), Layla Morris (Mountainside)

120: Haley Vann (Cleveland), Emilia Correa Artiaga (Century), Terese Korpela (St. Helens)

125: Ayana Medina (Hillsboro), Kallee Kester (St. Helens), Gracianna Strickland (Hillsboro)

130: Alice Rickett (Hillsboro), Kennedy Blanton (Forest Grove), Gracee Grenfell (Liberty)

135: Makaila Takahashi (Forest Grove), Arawyn Francis (Mountainside), Jezerel Ortiz (St. Helens)

140: Madelyn Russell (Banks), Ellie Carrier (Westview), Calliope Callaway-Hoilman (Roosevelt)

145: Jasmine Hopkins (Forest Grove), Emma Johnson (Centennial), Zainab Ibrahim (Reynolds)

155: Vida Boskovic (Roosevelt), Joanna Rollot (Southridge), Adalynn Williams (Dayton)

170: Cambria Funk (St. Helens), Onastacia Boling (Roosevelt), Lexli Zuriaga (Canby)

190: Ella Taplin (Forest Grove), Anna Rintoul (Scappoose), McKenzie Mills (David Douglas)

235: Faith Wooley (Liberty), Rose Williams (Centennial), Madison Giesbers (Century)

Special District 2 (Cottage Grove)

Thurston won the Special District 2 title with 179 points, North Medford (145) and Sweet Home (140) finished second and third in the meet. Here are the state qualifiers from each class:

100: Chelo Garcia (Siletz Valley/Eddyville), Kendra Jamison (Sweet Home), Sadie Hall (North Medford)

105: Kaylee Annis (Thurston), Sienna Caruso (Crater), Bella Eyler (Oakland)

110: Destiny Weaver (Glendale), Macali Lade (Siuslaw), Zoe Vickers (Oakland)

115: Paige Chafin (Sweet Home), Kyleigh Fradelis (North Bend), Aurianna Van Houten (Oakland)

120: Estella Gutches (North Medford), Destiny Cowans (Springfield), Allison Palluck (Cottage Grove)

125: Klaira Flatt (Toledo), Kaili Kirkhart (Oakridge), Rocio Perez (North Medford)

130: Kristal Zamora (Thurston), Juliette Wolf (Illinois Valley), Isabella Jaime (North Medford)

135: Hayden Muller (Siuslaw), Morgan Edwards (Grants Pass), Jennalyn Kruger (Creswell)

140: Brielle Brick (Creswell), Megan Peterson (Hidden Valley), Isabella Prinslow (North Medford)

145: Averie Stockwell (Thurston), Bailey Grecco (Crater), Olivia Froehlich (North Eugene)

155: Zoey Smalley (Douglas), Gabi Gilbert (Thurston), Sage Teixeira (Eagle Point)

170: Kami Hart (Sweet Home), Abigale Boeggeman (Hidden Valley), Alixia Hernandez (Eagle Point)

190: Olivia McCurdy (Hidden Valley), Lalaine Chan (North Medford), Lillyan Jaramillo (Rogue River)

235: Breanna Meek (North Valley), Katelyn Klingler (Crater)

Special District 3 (Redmond)

La Grande won the district title with 178 points, La Pine (139) and Bend (89) took second and third. Here are the state qualifiers:

100: Emma Poe (Henley), Dulce Najera (Hood River), Hailey Lakin (Redmond)

105: Dora Galindo (La Grande), Paige Aponte (Ridgeview), Emilee Williamson (Mountain View)

110: Analise Smith (Bend), Valeria Echevarria (Riverside), Zoey Beam (Grant Union)

115: Delia Gulzow (La Grande), Hayleigh Dukes (Klamath Union), Arianne Korish (Mountain View)

120: MaKenna Duran (Crook County), Faith Steach (Molalla), Rickie Dean (Bend)

125: Julietta Leal (La Pine), Mckay Clark (Henley), Maisie Bandal-Ramirez (The Dalles/Dufur)

130: MacKenzie Shearon (Redmond), Reine Bissember (La Pine), Hannah Hernandez (Ontario)

135: Kira Kerr (La Pine), Dana Glasser (Estacada), Hayley Hewlett (Molalla)

140: Ava Collins (Vale), Jessie Mclver (Bend), Jessica Williams (Vale)

145: Riley Allison (La Pine), Sarah Plummer (Baker/Powder Valley), Brittanie Ely (Irrigon)

155: Rowena Yandell (Estacada), Taimata Callaway (La Pine), Kaitlin Brock (La Grande)

170: Sheylin Karolski (Baker/Powder Valley), Sarah Witts (Bend), Jaydika Anderson (Grant Union)

190: Gracie Baker (Crane), Delaney Coombs (Grant Union)

235: Mallory Lusco (Grant Union), Aryanna Albright (Elgin), Stephanie Romero (Irrigon)

Special District 4 (Albany)

McKay wins the district title with 216 points, Woodburn (126) and North Salem (118.5) finished second and third in the meet. Here are the state qualifiers:

100: Sarahi Chavez (McKay), Hannah Erz (Central Linn), Polly Olliff (Dallas)

105: Richi Campbell (West Albany), Telsarina Walker (North Salem), Jennifer Russell (Corvallis)

110: Ariana Martinez (West Albany), Julia Towers (Taft), Ivy McIntosh (Dallas)

115: Krystaline Kamstra (Cascade), Ryan Sou (Taft), Anabel Rivera (McKay)

120: Mariko Sonis (North Salem), Alexandra Geschwill (Kennedy), Odessa Gordon (South Albany)

125: Sophia Redwine (Newberg), Miah Egner (Crescent Valley), Danya Petrosyan (Tualatin)

130: Arianna Brown (Tillamook), Kadence James (Taft), Marilyn Mentado (McKay)

135: Faliscity Murphy Snider (Tillamook), Esmeralda Tapia-Bravo (Willamina/Falls City), Marlene Ramirez (McKay)

140: Bella Amaro (Oregon City), Yaneli Hermosillo-Carrasco (Taft), Zuie Garcia (Newport)

145: Icela Sanchez Rodriguez (North Salem), Emily Grassham (Woodburn), Laura Merino (Newport)

155: Destiny Rodriguez (West Linn), Madi Randels (Tualatin), Reese Lawson (West Salem)

170: Jennifer Delatorre (Tillamook), Anna McDougal (Central Linn), Jasmine Lopez (Woodburn)

190: Georgia Buehler (Corvallis), Tali Kozma (Sherwood), Aubrey Murphy (West Albany)

235: Yared Calderon (McNary), Alexa Cleveland (Newport), Karen Guzman (Newport)


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