4A/3A/2A/1A Swimming State Preview Event By Event

In the final state championship to be awarded, the smallest schools in Oregon will compete into late Saturday night to take home the blue trophy. Just like the larger classifications, this meet will be filled with plenty of talent to go around and much to look forward to on Saturday night in Beaverton. Here is the event-by-event preview of the 4A/3A/2A/1A state championships:

200 Yard Medley Relay: This lineup is simply not fair: Four talented seniors and two high potential freshman leading the charge to vie for a state title. This program is the Sweet Home Huskies, who come into Saturday with a leading time of 1:56.13, well ahead of Catlin Gabel’s 1:59.86 runner-up spot. Separated by one-tenth of a second, Henley, Newport, and Klamath Union will be in a shootout to pick up that third spot in the event.

Favorite: Sweet Home

200 Yard Freestyle: Speaking of freshman with high potential, Sweet Home’s Kirsten Sautel and Catlin Gabel’s Jane Hanson have the Top 2 times in the event. Sautel holds a firm one second lead on Hanson, but both have five to six seconds on third place Sofia James (Marist), and Kassidy Poetzl (Cottage Grove) rounds out the Top 4 in the event.

Favorite: Kirsten Sautel, Sweet Home

200 Yard IM: A third husky leads this event, this time being Malia Hewitt. Catlin Gabel’s Adrienne Tam sits about 0.6 seconds behind Hewitt, making the two by far the best swimmers in the event. Marie Mason (Molalla) and Joezie Mitchell (Cascade Christian) round out the Top 4 in the event by comfortable margins, making this one fairly predictable on the outcome.

Favorite: Malia Hewitt, Sweet Home

50 Yard Freestyle: In one of the closer races of the day, Sweet Home’s Jamie Seward will going to battle with Cove’s Sarah Koza in the fastest race of the day, both sitting within 0.16 seconds of each other entering state. Klamath Union’s Paige Orlando sits securely in third, while a three-way shot for the Top 4 is on deck between Emma Nguyen (Valley Catholic), Ashley Rea (Stayton), and Shiloh Lynch (La Grande)

Favorite: Too Close To Call

100 Yard Butterfly: In one of only two events without a Husky favored, Valley Catholic’s Adrienne Tam comes into state with a full second advantage over Baker/Powder Valley’s Brianna Stadler, who are the only two girls with a sub-1:00 time at state. Layla Bretz (Newport) and Kinsey Hullman (Henley) are largely expected to round out the Top 4.

Favorite: Adrienne Tam, Valley Catholic

100 Yard Freestyle: Illinois State commit Chloe Tyler is back as the favorite in the event, holding a large 3.4 second advantage of Kalamath Union’s Paige Orlando for the state title. After these two, it is a pretty bloc standard finish with Shiloh Lynch (La Grande) and Caitlyn Martinak (Stayton) or Brenna Morgan (Henley) taking the fourth spot.

Favorite: Chloe Tyler, Sweet Home

500 Yard Freestyle: In the other close event, Valley Catholic’s Jane Hanson and Molalla’s Marie Mason are separated by 0.29 seconds in the longest, most enduring event of the state championships. This one is an “anything is possible” type of race, with Hanson holding a slight advantage entering state. Look for a Newport sweep of the #3 and #4 spots with Claire Hurty and Anastasia Kaldy to wrap-up the Top 4 of the 500 Yard Freestyle.

Favorite: Jane Hanson, Valley Catholic

200 Yard Free Relay: We’re back to Sweet Home again and their star relay team dominating the 200 Yard Relay, the clear-cut favorite for another state title. Stayton holds a slight edge for the runner-up spot in the event, while Catlin Gabel and Henley are neck-and-neck for the final two Top 4 positions.

Favorite: Sweet Home

100 Yard Backstroke: A potential Sweet Home 1/2 finish is on the horizon when Chloe Tyler and Jamie Seward hit the water for the backstroke, both leading the state in the event. Baker/Powder Valley’s Brianna Stadler sits 0.14 seconds behind Seward, providing a possible break-up of the Husky 1/2 duo while Henley’s Kinsey Hullman should round out the Top 4.

Favorite: Chloe Tyler, Sweet Home

100 Yard Breaststroke: The Huskies have another event favorite in the breaststroke with Malia Hewitt, a senior star that holds a near three second lead in the event. After Hewitt, it should be a straightforward affair with Cove’s Sarah Koza, Sweet Home’s Kirsten Sautel, and Cascade Christian’s Joezie Mitchell going 2-3-4 in that order.

Favorite: Malia Hewitt, Sweet Home

400 Yard Free Relay: To cap another state championship run, Sweet Home will smash the field in the final event of the night. Another pretty easy event to look at, Catlin Gabel, Newport, and Cottage Grove are easily the final 2-3-4 finishers to close the evening.

Favorite: Sweet Home

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