Breaking Down Wrestling’s Championship Field: Weight Classes 100 to 120

In the first of a three-part wrestling breakdown leading up the 2022 State Wrestling Championships in Culver, I’ll be breaking down each field of girls by their respective weight classes and giving insight into who are the favorites in each class. Today, I’ll be focused on the 100, 105, 110, 115, and 120 pound classes to kick off the countdown to Culver!

100 Pound Class

The Field: Nina Deleon (Hillsboro), Dezire Solis (McDaniel), Grace Thoma (Warrenton), Chelo Garcia (Siletz Valley/Eddyville), Kendra Jamison (Sweet Home), Sadie Hall (North Medford), Emma Poe (Henley), Dulce Najera (Hood River), Hailey Lakin (Redmond), Sarahi Chavez (McKay), Hannah Erz (Central Linn), Polly Olliff (Dallas)

Analysis: As far as I can tell, this class has two favorites and a third that could be just as good as the other two. Chelo Garcia and Sarahi Chavez have been Oregon’s best 100-pound wrestlers all season, having a throwdown in Dallas that had Garcia emerge victorious in an 8-3 decision for the tournament championship. That meeting was Chavez’s only loss to Oregon competition this season, giving testament to how tough of an outing she is on the mat.

Sitting in the shadows as a potential surprise might be Henley’s Emma Poe, who started the year in the 105 division before going down to 100 at districts and rolling to a berth at state. Beside the state berth, a high moment was when she took Ashland’s Sienna Caruso to the very end of their meeting when she was still in the 105 class, a testament to her grit and toughness on the mat. In the end, Chavez and Garcia will be the favorites while Poe might turn some heads in Culver.

Favorite: Chelo Garcia (Siletz Valley/Eddyville) – 60% Chance

105 Pound Class

The Field: Yamilet Claudio Marquez (Glencoe), Kate Leonard (St. Helens), Izselle Mercado (Glencoe), Kaylee Annis (Thurston), Sienna Caruso (Crater), Bella Eyler (Oakland), Dora Galindo (La Grande), Paige Aponte (Ridgeview), Emilee Williamson (Mountain View), Richi Campbell (West Albany), Telsarina Walker (North Salem), Jennifer Russell (Corvallis)

Analysis: Thurston’s Kaylee Annis headlines this group, as the defending state champion looks to pad her resume with another title and help the Colts pursue the state title again. Sienna Caruso, Richi Campbell, and Kate Leonard will be contenders to wrestle Annis for the title, with a third-place pairing of Campbell vs Leonard providing some exciting action if it comes to fruition: They went 5-4 decision in Dallas earlier this season and it was a great battle to watch!

Favorite: Kaylee Annis (Thurston) – 75% Chance

110 Pound Class

The Field: Ashley Wilis (St. Helens), Natalie De Leon (Hillsboro), Serinity Moody (Banks), Destiny Weaver (Glendale), Macali Lade (Siuslaw), Zoe Vickers (Oakland), Analise Smith (Bend), Valeria Echevarria (Riverside), Zoey Beam (Grant Union), Ariana Martinez (West Albany), Julia Towers (Taft), Ivy McIntosh (Dallas)

Analysis: When you are ranked and gobbled up a district title in 15 seconds, you become a shining star at the state championships. Ariana Martinez is the heavy favorite over Bend’s Analise Smith for the 110 pound title despite both being undefeated this season in their weight class. After these two, I like Ashley Wilis and Julia Towers in the third place match, with Riverside’s Valeria Echevarria or Hillsboro’s Natalie De Leon squeaking into it.

Favorite: Ariana Martinez (West Albany) – 80% Chance

115 Pound Class

The Field: Krystaline Kamstra (Cascade), Ryan Sou (Taft), Anabel Rivera (McKay), Delia Gulzow (La Grande), Hayleigh Dukes (Klamath Union), Arianne Korish (Mountain View), Paige Chafin (Sweet Home), Kyleigh Fradelis (North Bend), Aurianna Van Houten (Oakland), Courtney Hall (Scappoose), Samantha Shipley (Century), Layla Morris (Mountainside)

Analysis: Like Annis and Martinez, Paige Chafin will be the heavy favorite to take the 115 title, sitting at 21-1 this season and dominating the competition at districts. Chafin will likely face Delia Gulzow for the state title, while Courtney Hall and whoever wants to come into the Top 4 will faceoff for third place. Gulzow pinned Hall earlier this season in less than 90 seconds and has looked impressive all season despite the lower number of matches than most wrestlers.

Favorite: Paige Chafin (Sweet Home) – 80% Chance

120 Pound Class

The Field: Haley Vann (Cleveland), Emilia Correa Artiaga (Century), Terese Korpela (St. Helens), Estella Gutches (North Medford), Destiny Cowans (Springfield), Allison Palluck (Cottage Grove), MaKenna Duran (Crook County), Faith Steach (Molalla), Rickie Dean (Bend), Mariko Sonis (North Salem), Alexandra Geschwill (Kennedy), Odessa Gordon (South Albany)

Analysis: Haley Vann is among America’s best in her class and she will put it on full display in Culver when she faces Estella Gutches, Destiny Cowans, or Mariko Sonis for the state title in the 120 class. Gutches has impressed down at North Medford, but Vann has dominated constantly without question, making her another heavy favorite for the state title and Gutches the favorite to face her. Look for Destiny Cowans or Mariko Sonis to take the third place match, with either one possibly breaking through into the state title match against Vann.

Favorite: Haley Vann (Cleveland) – 80% Chance

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