A 4th Eastern Oregon Title? The Baker Bulldogs Certainly Look Like They Can Do It

Baker City — There was a state championship game played on Saturday in Baker City, there were 3rd place and 4th place games too, but there was also a 4A playoff game on Saturday. Baker City’s own Baker Bulldogs, in a twist of ironic fate, hosted the Marshfield Pirates in a game to gain a bid to the 4A State Tournament in Coos Bay, home of the Marshfield Pirates. The game wasn’t an issue at all for the Bulldogs, as they cruised with a running clock to a 50-20 win over Marshfield, booking a stay in Coos Bay this week starting on Thursday against Corbett. Eastern Oregon won the 3A, 2A, and 1A titles over the weekend, and Baker looks to make it a 4-peat of success for the region on Saturday night, and they have the talent to do it.

When you watch Baker play, you will immediately notice and take note of Jozie Ramos, a junior Captain that is a scoring force leading this team. She is a multi-tooled scorer who can hit from anywhere: Downtown, the paint, mid-range, free throws, you name it, she can do it. Aside from Ramos, I also noted pretty quickly about Sydnee Pierce, a young lady that flies around the floor like a fighter jet, always seeking the ball and getting a play rolling. Defensively, Ramos is underrated in the fact that she plays smart and helps a lot, especially on traps or loose balls. Like a fighter jet, Ramos flies under the radar and catches teams off guard with her speed, agility, and hustle.

The Bulldogs are littered with size, boasting two girls at 6’0″ and 6’1″, along with two more at 5’10” each. Rylee Elms is the tallest of the bunch at 6’1″, plastering the paint with her length and hustle on the boards. Elms is very flexible on the floor and plays where she is needed, all the while making plays at the bucket and contributing to the team effort of winning from night to night. Macey Moore plays a role on the boards as well, putting up second chance buckets on the offensive end of things and having stiff defensive posture. There are other girls that gel this team, but these four are the main ones that lead Baker’s charge from one night to the next.

So they have the players, but what about their resume? Have they proven themselves? The Baker Bulldogs are 20-5 and ran the table in conference play, with their best wins coming against 3A Runner-Up Burns Highlanders and Tri-Valley Champion Madras White Buffaloes, who also qualified for Coos Bay and play #2 Cascade after Baker plays #11 Corbett on Thursday night. They fell to 5A #3 Crook County, 3A Champion Nyssa, and 1A Champion Crane, with each game being within striking distance and no blowout losses in any of their five defeats. With an opponent winning percentage of 54.1%, they played an average schedule this season and some tests along the way. In the end, it’ll come down to their ability to adequately prepare, matchup, and execute a plan to defeat the next three opponents, which starts on Thursday against Corbett. Takeaway what you want from this, but the Baker Bulldogs are capable of winning it all and bringing home a fourth title to Eastern Oregon. If you snooze on this team, prepare to be bamboozled as they knock you out of the championship field….

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