2A Track Preview: League By League Breakdown, Top Returning Athletes, Team Title Predictions

One class down, five more to go! On Monday, the 1A landscape was broken down and each district looked at. Today, it is time to dissect 2A and see what to expect from Oregon’s next group of athletes…

District 1

2021 Champion: Faith Bible

Top Returners: Emma Miller, Nita Cook, Ashley Lohman, Mariana Cota, Taylor Grant, Bethany Lince, Makena Houston, Jordan White, Sadie Gump, Delaney Draeger, Leah Zallee, Kelsie Thurston, Kyla Hurliman, Kailyn Stinnett, Jael Mondragon, Isabella Simmons, Brooklynne Konruff, Taylor Masterson, Myla Lown, Kayla Somerville, Lydia Annes, Kae Nishiyama

Honorable Mentions: Evan Robers, Kortnie Adams, Annika Merten

Analysis: I believe this district is more open than it appears, there are a few teams that could strike for the 2022 title. Neah-Kah-Nie, Vernonia, Faith Bible, and Nestucca all have different strengths, which could propel them to a district title this year. It is a hard call, but it’ll be a fun district to watch.

2022 Prediction: Neah-Kah-Nie

District 2

2021 Champion: Regis

Top Returners: Portia Binford, Lilly McCargar, Taeyah Saechao, Mac Parrish, Haley Kline, Posi Olofin, Kirsten Crofoot, Sanjana Garlapati, Johanna Otter, Grace Hinkle, Sidney Lane, Bethany Pool, Briar Hachenberg, Lauren Crowell, Abigail Halladey, Daisy Hernandez, Madeleine LaCrosse, Malena Robnett, Lauren Wyatt, Emma Longfellow, Annabelle Brawley, Rowyn Lawrynuik, Mackenzie Scott, Whitley Stepp, Izzy Boyd, Baylie Campau, Ellie Lindemann, Amia Rodriguez, Peyton Stuckart

Honorable Mentions: Dylainee Carmony (Out for 2022), Rachel Koellmann, Lynia Jones, Yessenia Salazar Tapia, Jessica Corliss, Megan Bryant, Macy Silbernagel, Alexa Clark, Alyse Williams, Siena Kato

Analysis: Defending state champion Regis ran the conference in 2021 en route to a state title, and 2022 will feature more of the same from their loaded lineup of athletes. It’ll be a shuffle of who comes in behind them this year, with no clear front runner for the runner-up spot in the district and Gervais shedding most of their talent from a third-place finish at state in 2021.

2022 Prediction: Regis

District 3

2021 Champion: Oakland

Top Returners: Jolyn Vogel-Hunt, Macy Mornarich, Matilyn Richardson, Avery Tyler, Klaira Flatt, Ryleigh Nofziger, Angela Farrally, Gemma Rowland, Natalie Hammond, Ailah Altemus, Katherine Abbott, Maya Mason, Pauline Ngigi, Veronica Sigl, Amberlee Jones, Kramer Gesme, Laura Young, Kylie Anderson, Teagan Triplett, Kylie Rubrecht, Macy Mornarich, Kiera Hollister, Ahlyivia Carlile, Domitille Dechavnne, Amberlee Jones

Honorable Mentions: Kramer Gesme, Emily Oland, Iris Donovan, Audrey VanHouten, Summer Smith, Hailee Hanks, Natalie Shaw

Analysis: The two top teams in 2022 are Oakland and Glide, a pair of teams with plenty of depth across the board. The Oakers had a sizeable advantage last season, but with some roster sheds, Glide has closed the gap to make a great run at the district title this season.

2022 Prediction: Glide

District 4

2021 Champion: Lakeview

Top Returners: Khalani Hayes, Kieryn Ruda, Khaliyah Hayes, Susan Smith, Sarah Nicholson, Analise Miller, Holly Hutton, Sarah Nicholson, Ellie Huffman, Danielle McLain, Aunika Miller, Gabby Perez, Karlee Vickerman, Maddi Reynolds, Makiah Vierck, Sadie Crumley, Hailey Combie, Kailina Hamilton, Lilliyan Jaramillo, Jazmin Cobian, Katelyn Senn, Olivia Thompson, Bella Tenold, Callie Millet, Ayrica Hansen, Breanna Strubel, Reagan Krantz

Honorable Mentions: Allison Storts, Cassie Kennon, Erica Thrash, Jazmin Cobian, Juliette Wolf, Amy Barnwell, Jaaden Millen, Josie Cole

Analysis: Lakeview and Bandon were separated by a mere five points at the 2A state championship in 2021, and this season could be even a closer margin between them. Bandon returns a deeper, younger roster than Lakeview, and I think it’ll be the ultimate difference-maker in the race for a district title, but the Honkers are just as capable to pull it out.

2022 Prediction: Bandon

District 5

2021 Champions: Heppner and Stanfield/Echo (Tied at 2A State)

Top Returners: Jayden Bertsch, Savannah Vaughn, Carson Weaver, Lily Lindsey, Hannah Finch, Marielle Graffunder, Audrey Wells, EvaLena Lieuallen, Jayda Blackburn, Kaci Baxter, Irelynn Kollman, McKenna Bray, Addison Perkins, Natalie Davenport, Katelyn Hughes, Emily Lambert, Lexie Mize, Carley Hoeft, Lauren Putnam, Sierra Holcomb, Asiya Salim, Jacque Kerns, Charli King, Emily Hancock, Katie Rigby

Honorable Mentions: Maddie Nordtvedt, Charlei Harwood, Abbie Justice, Aliciana Archibald, Lauryn Pettyjohn, Audrey Hill, Jasmine Doughtery, Macy Carter, Maggie Sharp

Analysis: In the final 2A district, this one from Eastern Oregon is one of much intrigue when looking at the returning athletes. Heppner, Stanfield/Echo, Pilot Rock, and Union will be the strongest contenders this season for the district title, with this one ultimately coming down to who gets the better placements on the leaderboard. It’ll be close, but I think this one belongs to the Tigers.

2022 Prediction: Stanfield/Echo

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