3A Track Preview: League By League Breakdown, Top Returning Athletes, Team Title Predictions

Another day, another track season preview, this time with Class 3A. On Monday, I broke down Class 1A, and Wednesday featured Class 2A! Now, 3A gets their turn in the spotlight as time winds down to the breakneck speed of track season after Spring Break this week. Keep an eye out for 4A, 5A, and 6A track previews coming up this weekend as well!

District 1

2021 Champion: Horizon Christian

Top Returners: Mia Rhodes, Cassandra Wedin, DaNasia Stephens, Natalie Fagen, Mikenzy Rosen, Alexandria Nagy, Chloe Crawford, Peyton Kneeland, Megan Cover, Abigail Miller, Isabella Silbernagel, Kendrick Dahlin, Caroline (Grace) Duncan, Paige Hampton, Maya Helmen, Kay Cee Bricker, Kathryn Placido, Sadie Eisert, Alexis Dockter, Mia Gramstad, Addison Ward, Poppy Gardner, Maggie McCaffrey, Senna Van Arkel, Karina Gadbaw, Maeve Lamb, Mizuki Kita, Ana Rose, Lauren Kokesh

Honorable Mentions: Sammie McDonald, Tori Rehnert, Emily Zhang, Bryce Gay, Peyton Kneeland, Alexis Sumner, Michaela Buck, Danika Delaczay, Nyla Karnes, Annie Rehnert, Nyla Karnes, Rachel Mihalut, Olivia Le

Analysis: Horizon Christian crushed the district title in 2021, blowing away their competition en route to a 143-point performance. 2022 will be much of the same, as the Eagles return a top four competitor in every event except for two this season, with some of those events featuring multiple Eagles in the top slots. It is a wide-open debate about who will come behind them as runner-up in the district, but make no mistake about who the champion will be.

2022 Prediction: Horizon Christian

District 2

2021 Champion: Blanchet Catholic

Top Returners: Ailin Gonzales, Noelle Adams, Mariah Adams, Olivia Farrior, Tayla Yost, Carrie Jones, Olivia Southard, Arianna Moralez, Elizabeth Hetzler, Athena Lau, Makaia Kessinger, Emma Lutz, Taylor Wilson, Aliviah Mode, Haley Vanderzanden, Hailee Hughes, McKenna Eppley, Hailee Stewart, Bailey Kniebuehler, Kadence James, Casey Fast, Elise Linderman, Mya Mucken, Judith Williamson, Grace Mucken

Honorable Mentions: Ailin Gonzales, Bridget Raffensperger, Brinley Beam, Seira Kitagawa, Zinash Jones, Paola Diaz-Hermosillo, Brooklyn Buchheit, Brooklynn Bailey, Tyra Lefeber

Analysis: The path to a district title looks much harder in 2022 for the Lady Cavs, as there is much more parity across the board this season. Not one team is great in a majority of events, and in fact, most teams are either better in field or track events instead of both. It’ll be much closer than the blowout from 2021, and it makes it that much harder to find a victor to pick from….

2022 Prediction: Amity (Too Close To Call Realistically)

Division 3

2021 Champions: Nyssa

Top Returners: Asbel Tellez Jaquez, Kora Mitchell, Halle Peterson, Gracie Johnson, Julie Magana, Miranda Landeros, Maria Trinidad, Riley Morris, Amanda Sanders, Ashley Jentzsch, Olivia Winn, Riley Johnson, Savannah Johnstone, Maddisen Russell, Taylor Durfey, Marly Ausman, Avery DeLuca, Monica Ibanez Reyes, Kira Kerr, Ambrie Draper, Lynzie Torres, Clarita Arizmendi

Honorable Mentions: Clarissa Arizmendi, Kira Dennison, Kate Vineyard, Monse Pacheco, Mia Sanchez, Andrea Encisco, Miriam Landeros, Preslie Bowles

Analysis: Last season, Umatilla and Nyssa ran over the district as the Bulldogs ultimately took the crown. In this edition, Nyssa still holds themselves as the favorites to take the district title but keep an eye on an emerging Burns roster that looks to make a mark in the track department, possibly making a stronger pursuit in 2023 to dethrone Nyssa.

2022 Prediction: Nyssa

District 4

2021 Champion: Sutherlin

Top Returners: Paige Edmonson, Dakota Hyland, Jerushah Purrier, Sidney DeBoer, Mackenzie Walker, Jaden Ratledge, Mady Turner, Gabby Cook, Saydee Pickering, Harmony Goodman, Mady Turner, Camille Hicks, Autumn Murray, Sophie Goyen, Sierra Samhammer, Erica McDonald, Samairah Quinones, Kaitlyn Machado, Kelsey Dunn, Kristina McFarland, Sydney Williams, Makayla Murphy, Kambree Lee, Liesel Geyer, Lily Rohm, Emma Johnston, Allison Cramer

Honorable Mentions: Madeline Ward, Lillian Copelin, Elliana Vanlandingham, Saydee Pickering, Megan Pearson, Jillian Placko, Kyla Ellis, Lainey Pierson, Taeleese Polamalu, Payton Pierce, Skylar Gallagher

Analysis: Defending state champion Sutherlin runs this district through and through, simply no one has the level of depth that the Bulldogs have. The real question is: Who is the next best in the district? That’ll end up being more entertaining to think about in the long-term.

2022 Prediction: Sutherlin

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  1. Thank you for the amazing confidence in our team we are working hard this year, just to let you know we are the horizon hawks:)

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