4A Track Preview: League By League Breakdown, Top Returning Athletes, Team Title Predictions

Three classes down, three more to go! So far, track and field has been looked at in Classes 1A, 2A, and 3A, now it is time for the biggest classes in Oregon, starting with Class 4A.

Cowapa League

2021 Champion: Astoria

Top Returners: Roane Lion, Asha Thanik, Maddie Sisley, Sophia Widmer, Sarah Rossetti, Emily Skaar, Brooke Heussner, Maslin Sigler, Ella Zilli, Elise Seppa, Oceanna Ward, Shayla Hillstrom, Alexia Lipscomb, Lily Meadows, Makayla Tuiolemotu, Jena Russell, Isabella Monroe, Janika Jordan, Autumn Patching, Megan Hornbeck, Jordyn Harris, Areah Markham, Lilli Taylor, Pele Starr Hollow

Honorable Mentions: Berniece Harris, Nora Harroun, Chloe M Gingerich, Mariella Gunther, Lauren Klopcic, Chase Mason, Isabella Monroe

Analysis: 2021 was the year of the Fishermen, 2022 will be the year of the Valiants! Valley Catholic runs the track events in the Cowapa and have enough weight in the field events to take home a district title. Astoria has a respectable roster that will be in contention, but Valley Catholic simply has a lot more depth to throw around.

2022 Prediction: Valley Catholic

Greater Oregon League

2021 Champion: La Grande

Top Returners: Lexi Price, Mollie Maxwell, Kaitlyn Reynolds, Anna Belding, Emma Baeth, Haylee McCall, Bethany Brock, Kiah Carlson, Emily Tubbs, Sydney Lamb, Maezie Wilcox, Xiomara Ortega, Brooklyn Jaca, Jozie Ramos, Nicole Zollman, Kadey Brown, Sam Perry, Star Badillo, Ryann Paulsen, Madi Perkins, Sam Belcher, Brooklyn Jaca, Sydnee Pierce, Daphne Thomas, Priscilla Esquivel, Lupita Arizmendi

Honorable Mentions: Elayna Draper, Alexis Conant, Giselle Sanchez, Corbyn Sexton, Faith Calhoun

Analysis: The Tigers took third place at 4A state to go along with their GOL title, and 2022 should be another La Grande title. To be fair, Baker has a good team that will be contending with the Tigers, but the Bulldogs don’t have the numbers on their side to show they’ll dethrone La Grande in 2022.

2022 Prediction: La Grande

Oregon West Conference

2021 Champion: Cascade

Top Returners: Emma Gates, Alissa Humphreys, Haviland Eves, Stella Barber, Cami Oliva, Charlotte Gardner, Gabriella Floyd, Madelynn Mitzel, Charlotte Gardner, Ingrid Hellesto, Aliya Larsen, Myranda Marquez, Hope Bridge, Anna Wilson, Caitlynn Spencer, Madison Schaffer, Molly Schotthoeffer, Kaylee Leonard, Lexie Miller, Stella Barber, Kami Hart, Sage Kramer, Madison Juhl, Briana Cruz, Madelynn Mitzel, Anya Shockley, Hollie Lewis, Emery Boutilier, Gracie Vohs, Sophia Casarez, Madison Juhl

Honorable Mentions: Julia Kessi, Lilly Sundstrom, Ashley Rea, Briana Cruz, Angel Cordes, Gracie Vohs, Ila Reid, Jazz Choi

Analysis: Gone is Ella Thorsett to 6A power Summit, which all but solidifies another repeat for the Cascade Cougars in 2022. Philomath will slide in behind the Cougars in the Oregon West, with the rest fighting in the pecking order behind them.

2022 Prediction: Cascade

Sky-Em League

2021 Champion: Siuslaw

Top Returners: Jordan McTaggart, Charlie Dea, Hannah Heidt, Sara Gibson, Elaina Deming, Reese Fitzpatrick, Madison Fuller, Danielle Amacher, Rylee Colton, Emilie Nelson, Alyssa Johnson, Roxy Day, Aryana Mill, Kaydence Stevwing, Lyndsey Wilson, Leah Schiewe, Tori Cox, Daphne Scriven, Gracie Arnold, Kaylynn Guevara, Ashlynn Long, Danielle Amacher, Amanda Cross, Dazjah Tinsley

Honorable Mentions: Bailey Wallack, Gracee Whitaker, Destiny Smith, Jasmine Bledsoe. Daphne Scriven, Kassidy Roe, Ashlyn Turnbo, Jordan McTaggart, Gracee Whitaker

Analysis: As far as I’m concerned, this conference is completely wide open and honestly anyone can take it. The contenders will be Junction City and Marshfield, who have the deepest rosters in the conference and most to gain. It’ll be fun to see this one go down, and hopefully it stays as close as it appears to be.

2022 Prediction: Marshfield

Skyline League

2021 Champion: Hidden Valley

Top Returners: Karlee Touey, Isabella Heaton, Jane Johnson, Mya Mauch, Hallee Mckay, Ryane Mattox, Leah Beachy, Kinsey Hullman, Olivia Smith, Kyla Potratz, Sophia Stubblefield, Ava Robinson, Brisa Bauer, Scarlet Moit, Pheobie Beals, Kelcee Nichols, Kaylen Avila, Sydney Moore, Destiny Rowley, Skylar Willey, Abby Beals, Madelyn Sharp, Aja LaPan, Isabelle Hill, Angela Hawkins, Kaileigh Ranson, Zoe Guthrie, Paige Cordero, Katherine Michaelis, Lanie Cox

Honorable Mentions: Jordan Fagert, Haylee Knight, Olivia Allen, Aubrey Syrnyk, Leah Beachy, Cienna Culver, Delaney Skinner, Taylor Lee, Kyah Neeley, Henley’s Triple Jump Team, Hannah Darrah, Brisa Bauer

Analysis: Defending state champion Hidden Valley had a squad to remember last season, but this year presents many more challenges than 2021. This is likely the most competitive league in 4A, with Phoenix, Henley, and North Valley boasting arguments for why they can take it.

2022 Prediction: North Valley

Tri-Valley Conference

2021 Champion: Estacada

Top Returners: Kaitlin Willis, Paulina Beteran Munoz, Rhyli Grim, Heather Shaver, Kadenlee Greer, Olivia McGrew, McKenna Webber, Abigail Sanderson, Hannah MacDuffee, Dominique Huapeo, Talise Wapsheli, Elizabeth Grandle, Trinity Bailey, Olivia Davidson, Feather Miller, Matty Buck, Illiana Hance, Esmerelda Pacheco, Ali Mitchell, Alyssa Umphress, Audra McGrath, Briann Ellis, Zoey Ledvina, Leah Nipping

Honorable Mentions: Annika Molina, Domnikka Lyon, Kenley Doubrava, Isabelle Ludi, Alondra Sanchez, Ella Duckworth, Danica Beguelin, Abigail Reese, Julia Sweeney, Sophia Phung

Analysis: Estacada won a hard fought 2021 campaign, but there’s a new heir to the Tri-Valley crown: Madras. The White Buffaloes seem to be the most well-rounded team in the conference, and I think it is their turn in the winner’s circle this season.

2022 Prediction: Madras

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