5A Track Preview: League By League Breakdown, Top Returning Athletes, Team Title Predictions

There were four classes of track athletes to look at, now we’re down to just two more! Batter up for Class 5A, which is the smallest class in terms of total teams in the state. If you missed Classes 4A-1A, here are links to go look at their Track and Field Previews: 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A. Let’s dive into the four conference 5A landscape!

Intermountain Conference

2021 Champion: Crook County

Top Returners: Kensey Gault, Madelynn Fuentes, Simone Tillman, Madelynn Fuentes, Emily Snyder, Kelsey Lovercheck, Reilly Lovercheck, Jillian Bremont, Amelia Huxtable, Phoebe Wood, Sophie Kaden, Mieka McKnight, Mikelle Stasak, Lindsey Mode, Brinna Weiseth, Ivakai Heiges, Josie Kasberger, Grace Brooks, Lauren Papke, Jayden Gustaveson, Jamie Gau, Kate Siekkinen, Julia Naughton, Peyton Browning, Zoe Dunn, Madelynn Fuentes, Muriel Jones-Hoisington, Ashley Quisenberry, Elise Rice

Honorable Mentions: Evonna West, Emilee Lindquist, Natalie Fischer-Hasting, Makenna Duran, Eliot Moore, Peyton Stewart, Ivakai Heiges, Shaelynn Silva, Sofia Langley

Analysis: Does Hood River have the numbers to outdo Crook County? These two are the deepest teams in the Intermountain Conference, filling up the event leaderboards with their athletes. The tiebreaker will likely be the relay events, which Hood River currently has an edge on. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Cowgirls repeat, but the Eagles are looking good in 2022.

2022 Prediction: Hood River

Mid-Willamette Conference

2021 Champion: North Salem

Top Returners: Jordan Koskondy, Sydney Soskis, Alyse Fountain, Ava McKee, Sophie Bliss, Haley Blaine, Madeline Nason, Avery Nason, Isabel Swain, Avery Shinkle, Sadie Voight, Greta Koegler, Amanda Dahlquist, Melia Rasmussen, Orianna Campbell, Madelynn Straus, Lilly Horner, Nicole Huang, Ella Smith, Hannah Callaway, Elena Wright, Mariko Sonis, Sarah DeVyldere, Faith Sanchez, Kaia Anspacher, Hayden Knutson, Adia Bashioum, Aria Kimdon, Leah Twede

Honorable Mentions: Monica Kloess, Ava Marshall, Sadie Wendring, Angela Martin, Hannah Middleton, Jackie Bier, Dakoda Bennett, Peyton Young, Zoe Giertych, Jayden Taylor

Analysis: The Lady Vikings reign of terror is about to come to a crossroads, the parity has just increased ten-fold in the Mid-Willamette. At this point, I’d throw shots to Crescent Valley, Corvallis, or North Salem to snatch the league title in 2022. It is going to be close, which means it’ll also be exciting!

2022 Prediction: Too Close To Call Realistically

Midwestern League

2021 Champion: Springfield

Top Returners: Makenna Maldonado, Breanna Raven, Tori Houg, Isabella Dreiling, Jailyn Arleth Becerra-Brigido, Noelle Sherle, Annika Wells, Eleanor Sperry, Grace Yaconelli, Sara Slade, Artana Nice, Samantha Payne, Lorelei Rinehart, Sierra Bell, Courtney Tiernan, Bailee Dawson, Mary Sophia Cellini, Bailey Tovey, Kylie Rankins, Jocelin Gonzalez, Raleigh Whipp, Stella Hall, Bailey Tovey, Kielie Green, Emily Lara, Lauren Becraft, Clara Bennett, Morgan Casley, Olivia Cole, Bailee Dawson, Rhys Allen, Lennon Riddle, Erin Bechtold, Lily Garboden, Avery Wormdahl, Natalie Rawson, Alexi Morgan, Cambrea Goodwin

Honorable Mentions: Kendal Priaulx, Emma Stanek, Jillian Goggins. Lindsay Siebert, Celia Bertrand, Violet Hering, Mary Cropper, Ava Perez, Sydney Christensen, Kylie Evans, Nancy Coffman, Quealey Carpenter, Courtney Tiernan, Lupita Trujillo, Abby Woodruff

Analysis: It was Miller Time in 2021, with Springfield running to the league title over Willamette. In 2022, there won’t be a Springfield repeat, instead a likely battle between Churchill and Thurston for the title, with an edge headed to the Colts in the contention for it.

2022 Prediction: Thurston

Northwest Oregon Conference

2021 Champion: La Salle Prep

Top Returners: Alice Davidson, Jasmine McIntosh, Emelia Warta, Hannah Hayduk, Gabrielle Hanke, Peyton Lennox, Emma McDonald, Gabriella Prusse, Erin McGinnis, Ella Milanovich, Noemi Lundgren, Gabriella Prusse, Kendra Heath, Esme’ Krause, Rylee Lemen, Isabel Tapley, Ruby Oakes, Ofeina Pulotu, Jacqueline Gardner, Ellie Miller, Helena Tyberg, Dalton Mermis, Megan Earl, Ashlyn Ring, Briana Lynch, Madeline Obuchowski, Emma Gall, Katherine Sunderland, Brighton Ring, Caroline De la motte, Ashlyn Hartford, Grace Kelso

Honorable Mentions: Ashlyn Ring, Ashley Swanson, Ashley Swanson, Kinsley Dart, Noemi Lundgren, Sophia Gordon, Sydney Hanke, Avery DeVincenzi, Braxton Bekooy, Faith Nashif, Maddie Swadley, Grace Kelso, Hannah Hayduk, Skylar Rissel, Aubrey Miller

Analysis: It was La Salle Prep’s title in 2021, easily shooting above that of their fellow NWOC counterparts. In 2022, I expect the Falcons will win again, but with some closer competition than they had last season. Either way, La Salle Prep is still queen of the NWOC until proven otherwise.

2022 Prediction: La Salle Prep

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