Gresham-Barlow School District Enters Voluntary Compliance With Education Department Over Title IX Complaints

Gresham — In response to a pair of complaints filed by Elite Oregon Girls against the Gresham-Barlow School District related to alleged Title IX violations involving the Sam Barlow and Gresham softball facilities, the District has entered into a voluntary resolution with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights Division (DOE) to conduct a thorough evaluation of the facility differences between baseball and softball. In addition, the review will be submitted to the DOE for review and approval, ensuring that checks and balances are achieved during the compliance process.

Back in August of 2021, Elite Oregon Girls ran a pair of stories detailing the facility inequities related to Sam Barlow High School and Gresham High School, examining the alleged Title IX violations present in the differences between the softball and baseball facilities at the schools. Upon running the stories and speaking with District leadership about the issues, EOG decided to move forward with filing Title IX complaints on behalf of the softball programs with the DOE, sparking the launching of a federal investigation into the issues in December 2021. As part of their voluntary compliance, the District will examine seven factors in their review of facilities:

  1. Quality and Availability of Facilities Provided For Practice and Competitive Events
  2. Exclusivity of Use of Facilities Used For Practice And Competitive Events
  3. Proximity of Facilities That Are Located Off Campus
  4. Availability of Locker Rooms
  5. Quality of Locker Rooms and Facilities
  6. Maintenance of Locker Rooms and Facilities
  7. Preparation of Facilities

In the resolution document, the District agrees to provide input from coaches, student-athletes, and other knowledgeable sources to the situation. The District has a deadline of July 31st to have their assessment submitted to the DOE for review, and after approval from the DOE, have 90 days to submit a Corrective Action Plan to fix the issues. After that, the DOE will have bi-yearly check-ups on the District’s progress until the plan is fully implemented and oversight can be effectively ended by the DOE.

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