3A And 2A/1A Softball: Where Does The Playoff Picture Stand Entering May?

The final preview of the 2022 playoff picture as we enter the home stretch comes down to classes 3A and 2A/1A. To see the previews for 6A and 5A/4A, click the links highlighted in each class type. Where does your school stand? Let’s take a look deeper at that question:

Class 3A

How Bids Are Acquired: Top 2 teams in each league obtain automatic bids except for Special District 2 (Top 3 advance), the five highest ranked non-auto bids also advance to the playoffs.

Current Automatic Bids

PacWest Conference: Yamhill-Carlton, Dayton

Mountain Valley Conference: Harrisburg/Mohawk, Pleasant Hill

Far West League: Brookings-Harbor, South Umpqua

Special District 1: Warrenton, Taft

Special District 2: Burns, Enterprise, Umatilla

Current At-Large Bids

Scio (4), Santiam Christian (11), Blanchet Catholic (12), Rainier (14), Douglas (15)

Current Bubble Teams

Vale (16), Creswell (17), Amity (18), Willamina (19)

Class 2A/1A

How Bids Are Acquired: Top 3 teams in each league advance automatically except Special District 3 (Top 4 Advance). Top 3 non-automatic bids clinch playoff berths to fill out the final bracket.

Current Automatic Bids

Special District 1: Nestucca, Knappa, Gaston

Special District 2: Kennedy, Jefferson, Santiam

Special District 3: North Douglas, Monroe, Glide, Days Creek

Special District 4: Toledo, Bandon, Coquille

Special District 5: Lost River, Rogue River, Lakeview

Special District 6: Grant Union, Union, Weston-McEwen

Current At-Large Bids

Pilot Rock (11), Neah-Kah-Nie (14), Perrydale (18)

Current Bubble Teams

Echo/Stanfield (19), Oakridge (20), Sheridan (23)

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