13-0 vs 10-0: Undefeated Jesuit And Mountainside Clash On Thursday

With only a couple weeks left in the regular season, it isn’t normal to see two undefeated teams clash from the same league this late into the season. Usually, one of the teams falters by this point of the year, but that isn’t the case for Thursday’s Metro League showdown between the Jesuit Crusaders and Mountainside Mavericks. Mountainside (13-0) has been the surprise program this season, but their lack of schedule strength has them outside the Top 10 of the Oregon Girls Lacrosse Association (OGLA) rankings entering Thursday. Jesuit (10-0) is ranked #1 by the OGLA.

Key Players

Samantha Brown: She is the go-to option in the Mavericks offense, currently sitting fourth in the state for goals scored (58) and third in total shots attempted (97), a clip of almost 60% accuracy. She also is great at finding options for Mountainside, ranking #4 in assists with 21 this year.

Hannah Wold: She won’t put up eye bugging numbers, but she is a great all-around threat that can play defense and show some offense with it for Mountainside. She’s forced 16 turnovers defensively and scooped up 43 groundballs in the field. Offensively, she’s netted 26 goals on 37 attempts and tallied 15 assists.

Piper Daskalos: Due to the tougher schedule faced, Jesuit’s numbers may not pop as much as Mountainside, but Daskalos simply doesn’t care in her stats box. She scored nine goals against #4 Grant and seven more against #5 OES, putting up 34 goals total for the season and being the main staple of Jesuit’s attack.

Sydney Partovi: Every team needs a rock-solid goalkeeper, which is exactly what Partovi provides for Jesuit. She has faced 85 shots on goal this year, coming out with an impressive 57.6% save percentage and allowing only 6.5 goals per game this season. I don’t know how many shots Mountainside will have at her, but their goals will be a premium at those numbers.

Aurelia Mafinejad: A defender that makes things difficult, Mafinejad is a nice all-around for the Mavericks, forcing 18 turnovers and scooping 29 groundballs, all while picking up 16 goals and 13 assists in her efforts.

Keys To Victory

Mountainside: Containing Daskalos, Getting At Partovi: All numbers considered, it is clear that these two are what Mountainside will have to solve if they want to beat the Crusaders on Thursday. Don’t let Daskalos get loose and play tight defense, unload on Partovi at every chance and make her stop it. They do these things, they have a shot to beat them.

Jesuit: Protect Partovi, Unload The Machine Gun: Mountainside can put up big numbers, but Jesuit has a goalkeeper that can take it and a solid defense to help her out. Give Partovi the help she needs and just attack on the other end, play the possession game and score when given a window. If the Mavericks don’t have the ball, they can’t score right???

Game Predictions

Jesuit 13, Mountainside 7

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