4A/3A/2A/1A Golf: St. Mary’s Medford And La Grande Wrap Up District Tourney Wins, District 2 Sends Only Individuals To State

All four districts in the 4A/3A/2A/1A class are done for golf qualifiers, with Special District 2 being one without a team representing them at state this year, only individual qualifiers will be there for them. Here are the full 4A/3A/2A/1A golf qualifiers for 2022 state:

District 1

Qualifying Teams: Valley Catholic (Champion), Banks

Individual Qualifiers: Ava Austria (Catlin Gabel, District Champion), Cayton Smith (OES)

District 2

Qualifying Teams: NONE

Individual Qualifiers: Hilaria Trevino (Woodburn, District Champion), Hailey Smith (La Pine), Lily Hatton (Taft), Ai Kawamoto (Regis), Kylee Smith (La Pine), Hayden Bucher (Harrisburg), Neyda Segura (Woodburn)

District 3

Qualifying Teams: St. Mary’s Medford (Champion), Marist, Marshfield

Individual Qualifiers: Jazzmine Diaz (Hidden Valley)

District 4

Qualifying Teams: La Grande (Champion), Dufur, Baker

Individual Qualifiers: Tora Timinsky (Dufur, District Champion), Marissa Lane (La Grande), Hannah Hernandez (Ontario), Dylann Justice (La Grande), Chloe Rothwell (Burns)

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