Current Lacrosse Playoff Picture Entering Final Week Of Regular Season

The final week of the season is upon us in lacrosse, with the state playoffs opted to begin on May 23rd with the play-in games for the state championship bracket. The Oregon Girls Lacrosse Association (OGLA) holds two postseason tournaments: State Championship and Silver Cup. The state champion is determined through the state championship bracket, while the Silver Cup is best defined as the best of the rest per say. Here is where everything stands with a breakdown of how it all works:

How Bids Are Received

State Championship: The top 12 in the OGLA Rankings will receive bids to the bracket. Any league champion outside the top 12 will be sent to the Silver Cup bracket, taking on their seed in accordance to their final ranking. Unlike OSAA, there are no allocated bids simply for being a league champion.

Current #1 to #12 Teams: Lake Oswego, Jesuit, West Linn, Grant, OES, Lincoln, Lakeridge, Clackamas, Newberg, Wilsonville, Tualatin, Ida B. Wells

Teams On The Bubble: Summit, Cleveland, Mountainside

Silver Cup: Teams ranked between #13 and #20 in the OGLA ranking will compete for the Silver Cup.

Current #13 to #20 Tams: Summit, Cleveland, Mountainside, St. Mary’s Academy, Hood River, Westview, Beaverton, Bend

Teams On The Bubble: Sunset, Liberty, Oregon City

The full brackets for both titles will be released on Friday afternoon, with the play-in games for the state championship starting on Monday, May 23rd.

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