Coquille Snipes Their First 2A State Title From Regis

Eugene — The best kinds of state championships are the ones where the scoring comes down to the final events, unlike the huge blowouts that we see at times. Whether by blowout or close finish, the blue trophy still feels the same when you have it in your trophy case at the end of the year. As the final hours winded down, the question became: Coquille or Regis? Who would eek about enough points in the end to take home the 2022 crown for Class 2A? Around 10 PM last night, the answer was definitely filled in: The Coquille Red Devils are the 2022 2A State Champions by a mere eight points. What a battle and climb to the summit for Coquille.

The unique thing about these Red Devils is that they won’t blow your mind with their track performance, instead they light you up in the field events, which are arguably the most overlooked part of this sport. Junior Trinidy Blanton contributed her bit in the track events, picking up 11 points in the sprints and that was it for anything on the track. However, the infield is where this championship came to reality for Coquille. It was Blanton again, who won a state title in the Javelin and contributed five more points in the long jump, putting in a total of 26 points to be the meet MVP for Coquille. It was more underclassmen in Reagan Krantz, Callie Millet, Emelia Wirebaugh, and Holli Vigue that ultimately pushed this team to the summit, with senior Hailey Combie’s eight points from the shot put and discus was on the icing on the cake, as Coquille won the state title with 59 points. With such a youthful roster, it is easy to tab them as early favorites for the 2023 state title.

Meanwhile, it was so close yet so far for Regis, who came up just short to the Red Devils in what turned into a two-team competition at Hayward Field. Senior star Whitley Stepp was a force in the field events, carrying 28 points alone between the shot put, triple jump, and long jump events. They picked up 19 points on the track between Lauren Crowell, Mac Parrish, and Daisy Hernandez, along with their relay races, and Parrish threw in four more points in the long jump. It turned out to be a solid 51-point performance for the Rams, good enough for 2A runner-up behind Coquille.

Here are the Top 5 team results from the Class 2A State Championship:

  1. Coquille: 59 points, 1st Title in School History
  2. Regis: 51 points, 4th State Runner-Up
  3. Weston-McEwen: 41 points
  4. Neah-Kah-Nie: 40 points
  5. Bandon and Salem Academy: 39 points

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