2022 Metro League Fall Sports Preview

It is that time of the year again: Spring sports are wrapping up, the summer grind is starting, and fall sports are only about 2 1/2 months away. There will be previews of each classification in volleyball, soccer, and cross country this summer, with some being more detailed than others depending on the amount of information available. Let’s continue the countdown to fall sports with previewing the Metro League in volleyball, soccer, and cross country.


2021 Champion: Jesuit

2021 Athlete of the Year: Tess Masingale, Jesuit

Top Returners: Isabel Patterson (Jesuit), Alize Baker (Westview), Jackie Carle (Jesuit), Natalie Perez (Westview), Ceanna O’Loughlin (Jesuit), Avery Pickard (Jesuit), Halle Garrity (Westview), Kennedy Cheung (Westview), Taylor Guerra (Westview), Jasmine Broberg (Southridge), Katylyn Lebeck (Westview), Lilly Lansing (Jesuit), Sara Davies (Sunset), Rowan Saadat (Sunset), Hannah Wilborn (Mountainside), Thanvi Chilukuri (Sunset), Lauren Patterson (Sunset)

Southridge: 2-16 (2-10) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 7

The bright side: Jasmine Broberg is back and ready to go out strong as a senior. The dark side: Southridge is still in rebuild mode and 2022 will look a lot like the 2021 season. Head Coach Rachelle Manske is working hard with the Skyhawks, and any progress is encouraging for them right now.

Aloha: 3-17 (2-10) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 10

The Warriors aren’t short on returning players and have plenty of positions with depth in 2022. Kloe Manley will fill-in as starting setter, they return six hitters, and a decent chunk of defensive specialists. Their only real challenge will be to deal with middle blocking, which only returns only one player from last year in Megan Vandehey. Aloha might make some progress, which will be good for the program moving ahead.

Beaverton: 4-15 (2-10) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 5

This is going to be an interesting rebuild for the Beavers, heading into 2022 after losing 10 seniors off the roster. Kaarina Geymann is going to have her shot as the starting setter, while Faith Meyer and Sam Ellis might become a new middle blocking duo to lead the Beavers. Outside those spots, there’s only one returning hitter and an all-around player, a total of five girls with varsity experience. Look for a makeover roster and plenty of work to do in Beaverton.

Sunset: 10-14 (6-6) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 9

The Apollos are coming off another playoff appearance as they look to return to the heights that they experienced back in the last decade. Sunset has four returning all-league selections: Sara Davies, Rowan Saadat, Thanvi Chilukuri, and Lauren Patterson. All of these girls play important roles in their respective positions, and they’ll be leaned on to help develop their teammates this summer. If all goes to plan, the Sunset playoff streak will continue this year.

Mountainside: 14-11 (8-4) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 8

All-league selection Hannah Wilborn returns in 2022 and the Mavericks look to go further than the second round of the playoffs. Senior duo Wilborn and Ali Montz will control the middle, Maile Chan returns as libero, and there are plenty of hitters returning on offense. All in all, Mountainside will likely remain as a top three team in the Metro, which means a return to the playoffs this season and an opportunity to pursue an Elite Eight bid in 2022.

Westview: 22-6 (10-2) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 14

This might be the most seasoned varsity roster in the state for the 2022, returning everyone except Ellie Carrier. If it weren’t for Jesuit, the Wildcats would be the favorite to win any other conference in all of 6A. They return two 6’0″+ middle blockers in Halle Garrity and Olivia Madsen, sister duo Alize Bakker and Daphne Bakker will lead the outside, Kennedy Cheung comes back as a captain at the libero spot, and more senior sisters in Natalie Perez Parra and Natasha Perez Parra. Simply put, this team is deep and loaded, asking the question if this is their year to overthrow Jesuit? It’ll be tough, but they do say that experience can do a lot of wonderous things. If there was ever a year, 2022 would be the year for Westview to take the Metro League.

Jesuit: 27-3 (13-0) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 8

Then there is Jesuit, the royalty of Oregon’s volleyball landscape for the last decade or longer. Forget that they lost Tess Masingale, Maisie Alexander, and Hannah Nguyen, the Crusaders return a loaded core led by Isabel Patterson, Jackie Carle, Ceanna O’Loughlin, Avery Pickard, and Lilly Lansing. Outside the trio of middle blocking graduates, Jesuit shouldn’t have any problems adjusting in time for Metro League play. Westview will play them hard and Jesuit will be challenged, but the Crusaders have larger hopes of returning to the state championship summit in 2022.


2021 Champion: Jesuit

2021 Athlete of the Year: Emily Rice, Beaverton

Top Returners: Nina Rhode (Mountainside), Alexis Maureen Ballesteros (Westview), Abby Cox (Jesuit), Ellie Felt (Sunset), Morgan Moffett (Southridge), Eva Grunkemeier (Jesuit), Claudia Rose (Jesuit), Macy Deckert (Beaverton), Hana Sawan (Mountainside), Natalie Drotzmann (Beaverton), Charlotte Brown (Aloha), Tessa Mild (Sunset), Savanna Kleine (Westview), Grace Manriquez (Southridge), Issabelle Cory (Mountainside)

Aloha: 2-8-4 (0-5-1) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 12

One of the high points of last year for Aloha was their defense, holding down the fort against Southridge, Westview, Sprague, and others. The problem for them was their inability to score and finish off those tight games, as demonstrated by their seven games that were ties or decided by one goal. Captain Charlotte Brown returns to the defensive front for her senior campaign, Juju Ramirez is back in the net, and things look pretty stable defensively. The offense is still the large question mark in 2022, so the Warriors have work to do to return to the playoffs this year.

Southridge: 5-6-4 (1-3-2) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 9

Lots of senior shedding is happening up at Southridge this fall, but they return a pair of pieces that will be the foundation build on offense and defense: Grace Manriquez and Morgan Moffett. This squad is pretty complicated given their completely new look likely to come this season, but that stingy defense is what got them into the playoffs in 2021. It might take them a game or two, but if they keep to their roots, then the Skyhawks might just pick up another playoff bid in 2022.

Westview: 7-9 (2-4) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 14

They almost pulled two upsets into the Elite Eight in 2021, upsetting Tualatin and falling a goal short against Sunset. The offense reloads with Alexis Maureen Ballesteros and Savanna Kleine at the forefront, goalkeeper Emily Thunker is back, and most of the roster is back and stable. There will be a few changes, but nothing that will be too much for them to handle.

Mountainside: 9-5-2 (3-3) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 9

Returning Nina Rhode and Nina Rhode has got to be a relief for the Mavericks, as they are undergoing a major retooling campaign while trying to stay competitive. A surprise revelation in 2021 was their goalkeeper Issabelle Cory, who picked up all-league honors as a freshman. She’ll have senior defenders Joelle Iyasele and Joelle Iyasele back to aid her, but the major questions lie with how deep this team will be with this many seniors leaving.

Beaverton: 15-3-1 (3-2-1) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 13

This was the team that toppled Jesuit’s winning streak, advancing to double overtime of the 6A championship and losing to Grant. It is safe to say that the 2022 edition will be much different, especially with the losses of Emily Rice, Audrey Johnson, Brielle Fernando, Hannah Rice, and Meg Unruh. Who takes over goalkeeper? Do they have enough depth to help Natalie Drotzmann and Macy Deckert? Lots of questions for Beaverton. They’ll be good again, but will they be state title caliber? We will have to wait and see.

Sunset: 12-5-1 (5-1) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 11

Another high turnover roster in the Metro League, the Apollos seem to be the deepest with defenders, but their strongest points are from their all-league midfielders Ellie Felt and Tessa Mild. Sunset also needs to find a new goalkeeper to take over the duties, something that is always an adjustment for any program to achieve. Sunset is a good team, but how far they go depends on how much they figure out and how soon they do it.

Jesuit: 13-2 (5-1) in 2021, Projected Varsity Returners: 18

Here comes Jesuit, they are out for blood and to reclaim their rightful place at the 6A summit in 2022. This team is not short on talent or resources by any means, being led by stud sophomores Abby Cox and Claudia Rose on offense, while Eva Grunkemeier anchors the defense. Top that off with having two goalkeepers lined up to take over for Eliza Collins and not losing a single defensive player from 2021, the Crusaders are back in contention in 2022.

Cross Country

2021 Champion: Jesuit

2021 Athlete of the Year: Chloe Foerster, Jesuit

Top Returners: Emma Bennett (Jesuit), Paige Wiley (Sunset), Maura O’Scannlain (Jesuit), Kailua Balazs (Sunset), Natalie jack (Jesuit), Liliana Hudnut (Jesuit), Maggie Bennett (Jesuit), Kieyra Beyer (Sunset), Erin Cosgrove (Southridge)

Beaverton: 7th in the Metro in 2021

Claire Hanken is the bright spot for the 2022 Beaverton Beavers, as they look to get out of the cellar in the Metro League. They have a lot of work to do if they want to catch up to Aloha, as the Top 5 have seemingly broke away from the other two.

Aloha: 6th in the Metro in 2021

The Warriors have themselves a rising star in Hailey Howery, who currently ranks 16th in the Metro League coming into 2022 and has a four-minute faster mark than any of her teammates. Aloha is grinding to get better, but Southridge is probably a bit out of reach for them to reach the Top 5.

Southridge: 5th in the Metro in 2021

Without Erin Cosgrove’s top 10 status within the Metro, the Skyhawks would likely be battling it out with Aloha and Beaverton. However, they have an opportunity to climb the ranks to challenge Mountainside for the top four spot in the Metro in 2022. Vivian Strayer and Rayna Patel are going to have to help them out, but it is doable if the cards fall right.

Westview: 4th in the Metro in 2021

If it weren’t for Sunset and Jesuit, Westview would be a solid league contender in most 6A conferences. Sonja Jones cracks the top 10 individuals entering 2022, being joined by a host of top 20 runners that combined have the Wildcats sitting pretty entering 2022, in the driver’s seat to pass Mountainside and take over the third position in the Metro League this fall.

Mountainside: 3rd in the Metro in 2021

The Mavericks have a decent core of leaders that have them in the top half of the league: Livia Coviltir, Aubrey Culligan, and Emilia Saing. All three of these ladies rank in the top 20 individually in the Metro, providing a bedrock foundation for Mountainside to build upon as they move on from Zoe Heino and Elizabeth Satterlee, who helped the Mavericks take third in the Metro last year.

Sunset: 2nd in the Metro in 2021

Last year, the Apollos took runner-up in a top heavy Metro League behind the backs of Paige Wiley, Kailua Balazs, and Kiera Beyer. In 2022, they get all three of them back alongside majority of the roster, providing the expectation that Sunset is on track to finish runner-up once again this year in a Jesuit dominated conference.

Jesuit: Metro League Champions in 2021

Chloe Foerster has departed, but that isn’t stopping the roll of Jesuit in 2022. Emma Bennett returns as the best runner in the league entering the year, teaming up with a lineup that includes Maura O’Scannlain, Natalie Jack, Liliana Hudnut, and Maggie Bennett. Just like 2021, no one is beating this star-studded lineup in 2022 either.

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