Summer League: Philomath Tourney Observations

Summer league is in full swing on the courts and it is the best time for programs to experiment, learn, grow, and ultimately tune their skills. Not the largest names maybe out there, but it is still a good time to observe teams and see what they’re working with. No one is going through the ringer in my observations, it is simply a fine tooth combing of what I saw on the floor. Let’s get started!


They won their two games: Beating Junction City and Hidden Valley. There were many bright spots to note for Amity on Sunday, as they demonstrated a high IQ and awareness on the floor. Their defense was aggressive and efficient, they made good decisions and limited turnovers, they drew fouls regularly, hustled on the boards, and even found rhythm from behind the arc. Some drawbacks were an inability to finish in transition, being efficient at the free throw line, and having unnecessary turnovers.

All in all, it was a very good Sunday for the Warriors and they should be proud of what they put together. Grade: B+

Junction City

It was a split day for the Tigers on Sunday, as JC took care of Valley Catholic and lost to Amity. The hustle was on display for the ball, which complimented their equally aggressive offensive approach. They spread the ball out to touch many different hands, and they worked on penetrating the paint instead of settling for jumpers. It was a clean defensive showing for JC as well, overall a productive day. Their chemistry needs work and just figuring out an identity for themselves on the floor, which will naturally help their efficiency from downtown and in the mid-range game.

Considering that they are essentially retooling almost everything, JC looked pretty solid on Sunday. Grade: A-

Hidden Valley

Plagued all weekend by low numbers, it was a rough one for the Mustangs. In short, just about everything that they had on the floor needed help, and it is an unfortunate consequence of the circumstances. They flashed potential from deep range, and they are likely much better than what showed on Sunday, but summer league is about building, improving, and getting better. Grade: C-

Valley Catholic

The Valiants split their games with Junction City and Hidden Valley on Sunday, but plenty of positives came from them. Their no quit attitude was second to none, they were fighting on the boards and playing smart, they found good looks, had strong chemistry, and their whole scheme looks promising. Valley Catholic does have work to do on their footwork, which cost them on a bunch of turnovers. Their finishing needs help, but the looks are there.

If VC can tune themselves and find a rhythm, they’ll be trouble come the winter. Grade: B


Sunday revealed a lot about Lebanon, both good and bad. The good: They crashed the boards hard and hustled, they seemed to have clicked with deep range shots, their free throws were on point, and they looked comfortable when they were patient in a set offense. The bad: Fouls killed them in both games, which was a product of aggressive, yet sloppy defense. Their chemistry isn’t there and it caused frustrations, their finishing needs work, and they need a way to establish interior scoring.

Plenty of good, but also just as much work for the Warriors. Grade: B-


Without star Danaeja Romero-Ah Sam, the Millers got to try new things. Their energy and hustle never subsided, they had a solid post presence, a set look offensively yielded more efficient results than their transition game, they looked comfortable from deep range, and their finishing on contact was great. Since everything typically runs through a lone player, Springfield needs to work on ball distribution, particularly when it comes to lacing passes together efficiently. They were prone to fouling on D, which could be cleaned up and fine tuned as a whole. Then, the transition game needs help too.

The Millers are good and had bright moments on the floor, but things are still a work in progress to get from a good team to an elite one. Grade: A-


The post Sage Kramer-era is going to be a fun one to watch this summer in Philomath. To be frank, they are still finding their chemistry and a permanent identity on the floor. They didn’t quite have the energy to match their opponent, and they committed a good amount of fouls. However, they are a force on the boards and the paint. Further, they were great in transition and were a multi-dimensional threat on offense.

After they set everything in stone and establish themselves completely, they’ll be just fine this winter. Grade: B


Things looked good for the Foxes on Sunday, even with a new coach at the helm and filling in a couple holes. They were clicking across the floor and were working well in all aspects, they are a multidimensional threat offensively, they played strong post defense, and were a very disciplined defense that was hard to beat. Turnovers were a premium and they kept pace on the boards. The only real notes against them were closing out games and playing tighter perimeter defense, but nothing else of concern could be found for them.

In a weekend loaded with 5A contenders, you can add Silverton to that list as well. I’m interested to see how they look when everything comes together in the winter. Grade: A

Crescent Valley

The defending 5A champions looked like the defending state champions on Sunday, playing their game and matching up just like they did when they won the title. Their offense was firing on all cylinders, the chemistry was clicking, free throws were going down, they were cleaning up the glass, and turnovers were a premium to snatch from them. They could tighten up better defensively on the perimeter, and the post defense could use a tuning on drives.

No real problems nor concerns for CV either, just a solid weekend to prepare for another run to a 5A title in 2023 for the Raiders. Grade: A

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  1. Amity beat Junction City on Sunday, I think by 15. And we love that you cover these games, thank you!


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