Liberty High School Faces Federal Title IX Investigation Over Facility Differences

Hillsboro — In yet another situation involving inequities between girls and boys sports, a federal Title IX investigation is underway into allegations of facility inequities between the softball and baseball programs at Liberty High School. The initial complaint was filed by parent and Title IX advocate Randy Anderson, who spearheaded the effort to bring facility equity to Seaside High School after filing a federal complaint against them for Title IX violations.

In the current case involving Liberty High School, the complaint identifies many disparities between the facilities, which culminative result in a massive problem for Liberty and the Hillsboro School District to deal with. Among the issues alleged, here are some of the more major ones:

  • Lack of PA system, press box, concession stand, adequate bathrooms, enclosed dugouts with team signage, field drainage, batting cage, and infield tarp
  • Lack of hitting facility, Gator, proper field borders, permanent wall, warning track, signs of community support, bullpens, dugout storage/general storage, pitching machines, and turf surfaces

It is important to note that all of these lacking amenities are completely present or available for the baseball program, who play directly across from the softball team on the east side of campus. These major gaps fueled the federal complaint that was filed against Liberty, which was officially opened for investigation on Monday. Follow-up stories will be released related to the investigation as it develops and if actions began to be taken.

For other stories involving Title IX, you can find those here.

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