Strictly Softball Clean Sweeps 18A State Championship

West Salem — On what has been a beautiful weekend for softball, the USA Softball 18A Softball State Championships were hosted at Wallace Marine Park in West Salem. The championship match featured Strictly Softball and Bat Company 16U, a tale of two different stories and journeys. Strictly Softball cruised their way to the championship, outscoring opponents 27-4 along the way there, while Bat Company lost their opening match and won seven straight games to advance to the championship on Sunday afternoon. While the journey was long and brutal, there was no fairytale ending for Bat Company and a dominant finish for Strictly Softball.

The scoring got going in the second inning, as Hattie Brenner brought home a run on an RBI single to make it 1-0 Strictly Softball. Karaline Pfeifer drew a bases loaded walk in the next at-bat to bring home another run, extending the lead to 2-0, and Brie Lively came home on a wild pitch to make it 3-0 after two innings of play. Kya Lindell got Bat Company on the board with an RBI on a defensive error, cutting it down to 3-1, but the Strictly Softball responded with a bases loaded walk and an RBI groundout from Brenner, capped with a Pfeifer RBI single to extend it to 6-1 over Bat Company. Jules Hayes put an explanation point on the effort, drilling a two-run bomb to center field to make it 8-1 and finish off an undefeated run to the 18A State Championship for Strictly Softball.

Strictly Softball was aided huge in the circle by Camille Schmitz, who threw a complete game, five hit, one run performance with ten strikeouts. Brenner, Hayes, and Pfeifer all led the way with 2 RBI each and a hit in the victory. For Bat Company, a great story will be remembered even if it didn’t end with a title, as they went on a seven-game tear to reach this point of the tournament, a great showing from the 16U squad in an 18A tournament.


  1. Yeah this is pretty much complete BS on the part of USA Softball, Sue Oran and the parents and players who pulled this BS. Sue Oran who raves about how she’s for the game and the girls doesn’t even play USA softball for 10-15 years, doesn’t play with this team all summer and then brings a college team with primarily sophomores in college on it to the Oregon state championship just to boost her ego. What a joke that USA softball allowed this to happen considering this team was a put together AND I DON’T BELIEVE THEY PLAYED MORE THAN ONE USA TOURNAMENT ALL YEAR ACTUALLY I THINK THEY ONLY PLAYED ONE TOURNAMENT ALL YEAR BESIDES THE STATE! and what a joke on Sue Oran wanting to get one more win in with all college players before she retires her ole azz… Speaks volumes about Sue as a person and coach and the parents and girls involved in this BS you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Do you think you’re special because you were able to come as college players and beat up on a bunch of sophomore and juniors in high school? 🤣🤣🤣What a JOKE! But then again Sue’s always been a joke to most people. 🤣 It’s also really pathetic that you did not mention the fact that she had to bring a full college team to an 18A/B tournament in order to win. Why don’t you take this team to PGF and see how you do, Sue? YOU’LL GET YOUR BUTTS WIPED for you. hahaha SMDH


    1. Suki,

      Setting aside just for a quick sec how wrong essentially everything you said is, I can only imagine that offloading that much pent-up, misplaced, misdirected, classless BS must have made you feel like the queen troll of Oregon softball that you so clearly are.

      For the record, though, for anyone who cares about things like truth, here are a few facts for you: Sue came out of retirement to help 8 high school girls, my kid included, because their team blew up in April and they were players without a home. She agreed to pull together a team for them, and it was most certainly not something that was in her plans. The other half dozen girls were home from their freshman years in college, that’s true. But all were league age and looking for a place to play ball in the summer without having to travel far from home. We played in 6 tournaments this year, although rain impacted two of them.

      Bottom line is that Sue was a saint for stepping forward to help a bunch of high school girls at a time when they needed it, many of whom have had a relationship with her since they were little. She did right by them, she played to win and taught the girls to do the same, and they did. Live with it. Suck it up, Buttercup. And if you’re going to bring that kind of trash about our coach, our kids, or us as parents, then at least have the courtesy to do it with well-formed facts and something that resembles a grammatically correct sentence.


    2. Hi there! My name is Camille Schmitz, one of Sues pitchers. All I have to say to your hateful comment is that Sue saved my senior summer ball season from a coach who abandoned me and my team. I don’t really understand why you’re hating because we competed completely legally and the six-ish girls who are in college aren’t sophomores yet, so at least check your facts before posting a comment like that. Just like that anonymous parent commented, I have known Sue for years and she has taught me everything I know on and off the field. That woman has saved my life and I don’t mean that metaphorically. Something that she has taught me is to always treat people with kindness and I believe you should take that advice. She has always told me no matter what you treat people with kindness and it blows my mind that some adults still can’t comprehend that simple lesson. Really quick fact check, “ Sue’s always been a joke to most people. 🤣 It’s also really pathetic that you did not mention the fact that she had to bring a full college team to an 18A/B tournament in order to win. ” Full college team? As I recall, me and more than half of my team JUST graduated high school. Know your facts babe.


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