Just How Dominant Are Private Schools In Oregon Girls Sports? Significantly Less Than You Might Assume

It is a raging debate that gets ignited at least once a year: Should private schools be separate from public schools? The critics of the current arrangement declare that private schools dominate the landscape and it presents an uncompetitive balance to public schools, as private schools can “recruit” in ways that public schools cannot. Only data can be an effective determination of how much private schools dominate public schools, and this is will only focus on girls sports in Oregon for obvious reasons. So, let’s explore that very question and either debunk a narrative or give fuel to it. Below is a table of each sport and the amount of state titles won by private schools:

SportTotal TitlesPrivate # and %Public # and %Spread
Cross Country15639 Titles, 25%117, 75%Public
Soccer10242 Titles, 41.1%60, 58.9%Public
Volleyball20854 Titles, 25.9%154, 74.1%Public
Basketball21036 Titles, 17.1%174, 82.9%Public
Swimming11618 Titles, 15.5%98, 84.5%Public
Wrestling30 Titles, 0%3, 100%Public
Dance/Drill21710 Titles, 4.6%207, 95.4%Public
Cheerleading22326 Titles, 11.6%197, 88.4%Public
Track and Field21345 Titles, 21.1%168, 78.9%Public
Golf9028 Titles, 31.1%62, 68.9%Public
Tennis12937 Titles, 28.6%92, 71.4%Public
Softball13517 Titles, 12.5%118, 87.5%Public
Water Polo570 Titles, 0%57, 100%Public
Lacrosse264 Titles, 15.3%22, 84.7%Public
Combined1,885356 Titles, 18.8%1,529, 81.2%Public
Data Per OSAA Website, Governing Bodies

As you can plainly see from the data, private schools aren’t dominant by any stretch of the word, and in fact are outgunned in every high school sport in Oregon. Out of the nearly 2,000 state titles, private schools have only managed to capture a mere 356 titles, while public schools have banners for the other 1,529 titles throughout Oregon’s history. At a rate of winning less than one of every five titles awarded, that would fall way short of the theory that private schools “dominate” high school sports. In this data collection, I expected it to be higher than this personally, but I also didn’t expect private schools to come anywhere near 50% of all state titles.

The idea and proposal that private schools need to be separated from public schools is simply absurd, rooted in a big lie that public schools are uncompetitive against private schools. Public schools are not in danger of being overran, and even if they were to start being outgunned, it would take private schools a LONG time to even tie them, let alone surpass them historically. Private school athletes can and deserve to compete with public school ones, the competition still favors public schools on a statewide level by a wide margin.

Private Schools Dominate Public Schools In Athletics: MYTH


  1. With Oregon having 471 total high schools and only 116 are private high schools. It only makes sense that the data would make it look like private schools are not dominate. Butttt go and look at all the State Tournaments and how many private schools finish in the top half or in a basketball discussion the top 8 usually consists of 3-4 private schools and one of ends out getting second or wins it a lot and or the elimination bracket is full of private schools. This doesn’t happen in all sports of course, but also in Soccer it’s a big problem in 3A in particular. Private Schools do dominate high school sports in Oregon in a whole as they usually end out playing way better than other public schools but with 10 times more public schools of course the chance of everyone “winning a championship” is lower for private schools as they have a very slime change to win. I’n every given classification there is only 10% of schools that are private schools besides anyone 1A I’m not sure on that, but after showing that only 25% of all Private schools are in Oregon but they have won 15% of all championships is a wild take that they aren’t dominate. I would think if you have only 25% of the schools that are private you would maybe win 5-10% of State Championship at most.


    1. This is such a wild take, private schools rarely are winning the big game as his stats show what are you talking about crazy person.


    2. Your math isn’t quite adding up my man. Typically, if private schools are as dominate as the myth says, then they should be winning a higher percentage of championships than they have share of schools. Using your figures: 24.8% of schools are private, which means that if they were winning one of every four state championships, then it would be on par with their representation in the state landscape. Instead, they are only winning 18.8% of titles, which is 25% drop from the total representation in the landscape. Sure, private schools might be more plentiful in the brackets, but who is ultimately going home champions? Public schools at an 81.2% clip, higher than their overall state representation, thus showing that private schools aren’t “dominating” the girls’ sports landscape.


  2. I agree with my man Eric, his data and hard work is spot on. I think “Private Schools” recruiting is such a exaggeration as public schools tend to get a bunch of transfers Geary generally more than private schools examples: Stayton, Cascade, Sutherlin. Good work Eric, you’re the man!!


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