O’Scannlain And The Crusaders Dominate Ash Creek, Youthful Talent Make An Impression

Monmouth — On what turned out to be a smoky morning at Western Oregon University, the annual Ash Creek XC Festival took place in Monmouth on Saturday. It marks one of the first major events on the calendar, with the 100+ team Tillamook race taking place last weekend on the Oregon Coast.

In a dominant performance, Jesuit sophomore Maura O’Scannlain dominated the field and won the Ash Creek Festival with a final an 18 minute, 21 second performance, winning by 29 seconds over runner-up Sara Abbott of Sprague. Ida B. Wells junior Josie Fale rounded out the top three with an 18:56.9 time for the Guardians. In a clustered group, the Crusaders inevitably dominated the event aided from five athletes taking positions 13, 14, 16, 17, and 18, with Jesuit finishing with 45 points to win the team title. Frankin finished second with 77 points and West Salem in third with 116 points.

Youthful Talent Shines In Monmouth

In the block of top runners, seven of the top ten overall were either freshman or sophomores, including event champion Maura O’Scannlain. Salem schools North Salem and West Salem boasted three of these athletes: Nelida Dalgas (NS), Gitte Lonigan (WS), and Avery Meier (WS). East Linn Christian’s Daisy Lalonde and Molalla’s Anika Jenson were the final members of this group out of the Oregon teams in the race.

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