4A/3A Volleyball: The Battle For 3A’s Mountain Valley Conference, Marshfield’s Rise To 4A Royalty

As we wrap up the third week of the 2022 fall season, here are some headliners in the 4A/3A volleyball landscape…

The Party To Win The MVC Has Just Begun

Arguably the most loaded conference in the state has just begun conference play, with the three strongest teams opening up with victories. Unlike many that have one or two good programs, the realigned MVC is loaded up with not just three good teams, but three legitimate state contenders: Sisters, Creswell, and Siuslaw. Just as it was previously discussed, iron sharpens iron, and this is the ultimate test of that.

In a quick hit preview, the Outlaws remain the favorite to win the conference over Siuslaw and Creswell, but all three have their reasons why they can win it. The trio begin their battles with one another this week as Creswell hosts Siuslaw on Thursday, then hosts Sisters next Monday after playing in a loaded Salem Academy Tournament next weekend. Expect each one to be a battle and hard-fought victories for the one who rises to the summit.

Marshfield Enters The 4A Royal Castle

With a strong group of talent on the roster and only two seniors, the Marshfield Pirates have proven themselves worthy of a seat in the 4A royal castle. While they haven’t officially gotten to face the current queen Cascade, they have taken on other solid 3A and 4A programs with very good results, even going up to 5A and taking down a good Thurston squad. With sweeps of Siuslaw, Sweet Home, Coquille, and Horizon Christian, they built up a strong resume that clashed with Sisters on Saturday.

The Pirates showed that they have a true sucker punch: Knocking down Sisters with a strong 25-11 first set victory over the Outlaws. However, in typical Outlaw fashion, they got back up and punched just as hard, picking up the second set 25-13 and setting up a gunfight in the final set. Ultimately, the Pirates lost the battle in a 15-11 third set loss, but the war has already proven how good Marshfield is and their capability to be a contender in 4A. Thus, the Pirates are in a very small group of teams sitting currently in the 4A royal castle, and it is very much deserved.

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