Elite Oregon Girls History And Mission

This site was launched in March 2020, set to take shape in time for the 2020 spring sports season, which never happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After working around club softball and beach volleyball for around a year, Elite Oregon Girls finally made its high school debut on March 2nd, 2021 with Scio vs Blanchet Catholic volleyball. Since then, EOG has covered hundreds of teams and thousands of female athletes spanning across Oregon, reaching all corners of the state through highlights, photos, and stories that have built a community of support for Oregon’s female athletes.

Aside from the field and court, EOG also conducts Title IX investigations and works with districts to amend those issues. When discussions fail or in egregious situations, EOG files directly to the U.S. Department of Education for civil rights violations. These actions hold districts accountable and promote equity for female athletes across the state. Finally, EOG also awards the seasonal Makaia Gilkey Athlete of the Year Award, which is awarded to the top female athlete in Oregon for each high school season. With data issues in the first two years of EOG’s existence, the award hasn’t been given out in each season. However, from 2022 and beyond, the award will be handed out each sport season.

Here is the history of Makaia Gilkey Athlete of the Year recipients:

Fall 2020: Jadyn Vermillion, Sutherlin

Winter 2020: NONE

Spring 2020: NONE

Fall 2021: Kate Peters, Lake Oswego

Winter 2021: Micah Wicks, Sutherlin

Spring 2021: NONE

Fall 2022: TBA